Bay & Goodman Pizza

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Winton.JPGNorth Winton location

1687 Mt. Hope Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620
Hours (as of September 2023)
Sunday - Thursday: 11:00AM to 9:00PM
Friday & Saturday: 11:00AM to 10:00PM
585 442 6865
Wheelchair Accessible
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Bay & Goodman Pizza is a pizzeria which formally had a few locations. After the Pandemic they closed their last location. After a few years, the kids decided to re-open on September 11, 2023 at Mount Hope Plaza.


There used to be a location at Park Point at RIT in Henrietta, which replaced Paradiso Pizza. After Bay Goodman closed there, it was replaced by Brandani's.


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2008-01-07 11:39:45   I used to get pizza from the orginal site years ago. The pizza is just as good as it was way back then. They pile on the toppings and they use the small, spicy peperoni. The wings are great as well, and they have some good lunch specials. —MickMann

2008-01-31 21:36:45   Very disappointing. I went for lunch today to find that there were no tables. The only slices available were peperoni. The crust was thick and chewy. Pizza Stop is far superior. —ScottHendler

2008-11-05 20:16:35   Got pizza and wings last night to enjoy while watching the election returns roll in. Pizza was very good... could detect a nice hint of oregano and rosemary in the crust. But it was not the NY style thin crust pizza that I thought they were known for. Wings were good... nice and meaty, not too dry, not too saucy. Still on a quest for NY style pizza in Rochester. Mama Mia's in Geneseo is too far to drive and Pizza Stop on State Street is not open late. —JasonHaremza

2009-01-10 13:40:54   IMHO some of the best pizza Rochester has to offer —AskJeez

2009-01-13 15:38:45   Two slices and a can of pop for $5. It's not bad, but it's not great. People either are meh about the place, or they don't know it exists (Wendy's up the street is constantly mobbed; Bay Goodman is in-and-out for lunch). Go for the regular or pepperoni over the white pizza. —ZachSmalt

2009-02-27 18:08:49   Back in the 70s, B&G was considered the "prestige" pizza at the University of Rochester. I don't know if it was because of the taste or because of the distance making it exotic - don't remember actually eating any then.

Now I DO like the taste, which is distinct from the generic pizza. It's worth a try to see whether you like the difference. —JensFiederer

2009-06-18 14:18:06   It appears they are moving into the old sub shop on the corner of N. Winton and Browncroft. If they are opening there, I would guess they are planning on closing their current location on N. Winton, it's less than a mile away. —SaraChristine

2009-07-30 17:41:14   Stopped by at the new location last night to give their pizza a try. It is decidedly NOT New York Style pizza, and thus, is not worth eating in my book. For comparison, it ranks above Little Venice and Chester Cab. —ErikReinert

2009-07-30 21:46:21   Dense, greasy, hot-lamp pizza that is highly forgettable. The subs look really good, however. —BatGuano

2009-08-23 19:15:35   The pizza is the absolute best. This crust, not greasy and the sauce is not sweet. Just the way I like it. I got a chicken Parm sub there last weekend and it was a little disappointing. It was basically chicken fingers parm style. UPDATE 12/4/2011, This place has gone downhill, too bad. The orders are always forgotten if you go there to order and take with you. They put the orders on the rack behind the cashier and there they sit. The employees are quite pleasant, just under trained. The pizza has become flavorless and the toppings are very skimpy. Plus two times we ordered wings for take out, got them home and they had no sauce!!!. —NewtonNola

2009-08-23 20:53:06   checked out the new location, definitely an improvement.

I'd say this is definitely not NY style pizza and is a "Rochester" style pizza if there is such. The crust is very similar to Krony's. The crust is thicker and dense and a bit of chewiness to it. Pretty typical of local pizzerias. —JohnJoseph

2010-06-25 21:49:32   I live near the OBG on Winton and have been several times.

First, the bad:
1) On multiple occasions, I have ordered a simple turkey sub and waited 30 minutes plus to get my order because the cashier forgot to pass my order along.
2) The pizza is too greasy and too floppy for a thicker crusted pizza. For the pies they make, they should be a little more structurally sound.
3) It's not Pizza Stop.

Now, the good:
1) The subs are great. It's too bad the orders are lost/forgotten amongst the bong smoking staff.
2) They give you a $1 off coupon for each $10 you spend. If you go regularly, these add up quickly.
3) The prices are reasonable for what you get.

Even though I have had some real head-shaking moments at this place (related to customer service), I'll be back because it's right down the road. —BatGuano

2010-10-18 14:06:56   B&G has some of the best Rochester-style pizza in city, as well as good wings and AMAZING burgers. Rare occasions of slow service during the lunch crowd rush happens, but in my opinion, its worth the wait. —BigWig

2011-03-05 20:57:25   Extremely disappointing pizza. It was dry as a bone and the bottom crust was leathery. There was very little sauce and the cheese was used sparingly as well. I didn't detect even a hint of olive oil over the cheese. I got the impression that they gave me a pie from the day before. Even if they hadn't sliced it entirely wierd ( they sliced a round pie into sort of square slices) I don't think you could have folded a slice without it cracking and crumbling. On a scale of 1-10 if the best frozen pizza were a 3 I would give Bay Goodman a 3, and BG's was $17.00, I don't think you could find a pizza as bad for $17.00. —JohnOwen

2011-05-27 15:38:37   Not bad for Rochester style pizza.

2011-08-16 12:51:41   Lunch was pretty bad at Winton Rd location. The slices were small, stale, chewy and tasteless. Like pizza from convenience stores. Why bother to be in business if you're not interested in producing a good product? —greglettau

2011-12-14 07:09:08   new address is 620 North Winton Rd, Rochester, NY 14609 —ChrisTrapatsos

2014-02-09 15:08:01   We have finally had it with this place! They have made some sort of mistake with our orders the past 6 times. Maybe they have been given too many chances but the pizza is pretty good and my husband and I are pretty laid back. One time we called and ordered a medium pizza they say 20 min so we wait 25 get there and it is still not done! We wait another 20 min and finally go to the counter and ask what the deal is. They said oh we dropped your pizza it will be another 20 min. No apology, no discount offered nothing.
Next time I got the complete wrong pizza but did not realize it til I got home. Brought it back and they remade it again no apology or discount offered.
Next time I ordered the pizza my husband went and got it. They charged him for garlic knots but did not give them to him. He went back in after reviewing the charge and they said to him if you did not get the garlic knots we would not have charged you. Luckily he asked for his receipt.
Beyond all this terrible service your food is NEVER ready. If they tell you 20 min and you wait 30 it still wont be done if they say 30 and you wait 45 it wont be done.

The service here is a joke and you have lost a loyal customer. —jcs3636

2014-05-29 20:18:09   Can only speak of their Fairport location: really like their cup pepperoni, spicy and so good

2015-11-10 22:47:12   It is obvious the Winton Road location is owned by someone other than the Titus Ave owner. Had the Winton location today and it was absolutely amazing. I had originally called Titus to make a large order and they did not want to accept the coupon that clearly stated both locations on it . After I told the woman that the coupon said valid at both locations she told me I was a liar and hung up on me. I called back to speak to a manager and she told me her and her husband were the owners and I was trying to scam her then hung up again. Trust me it is worth the drive to Winton road for better food and service. —Eriksmith

2018-05-15 05:11:56   I bought the Fairport store in April 2017 and use all the same recipes and ingredients dating back to to 1950s. —Scottydiem

2018-05-15 05:16:37   Please come in and give us a try and you will be in for a real treat to what I grew up on in the 60s and 70s —Scottydiem

2022-03-31 17:54:14   Winton Road location closing; last day today. Sometime between November 2020 and September 2021 the Fairport Road location was replaced by Carpe Diem Pizza, which itself is now closed. —markjackson

2023-09-08 23:07:32   Re-opening.