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This page is for archiving comments prior to 2008 for Bill Gray's.

2006-04-01 11:52:24   I was craving a good hamburger. The kind that when you order it they ask you how you want it cooked. I called the Jefferson Ave location to see if I could get a medium burger. They said yes. So I decided to try this Rochester Tradition. I was first shocked by the atmosphere. It was fast food chic with plastic booths, tvs and an arcade. I stood in line 10 minutes to order a burger and fries. They did not ask how I would like it cooked and I forgot to ask because I felt like I was at McDonald's. It was $8 for a burger, fries and a soda pop. In exchange for the cash they give you a piece of plastic that will light up when your food is ready. I guess you can't complain about service when you pick up your own food. The taste of the burger was all right, it was like Wendy's. The fries were bad. They were crinkle cut freezer fries deep fried. I would recommend your favorite fast food over Bill Gray's. It's cheaper and it tastes better. I am still craving a good burger. —NewHere

2006-04-02 14:54:44   I love the fact that the one near me serves Aunt Rosie's Loganberry drink! (in Gates) —JcPop

2006-11-16 13:49:05   I also love the Loganberry drink. It is a little strong alone, but mixed with another berry based drink makes it delicious. As for the first time visitor of Bill Gray's, for actually less than $8 (liar) you get about a pound of food, I'll agree with the your opinion on the fries, but I would not recommend your favorite fast food over Bill Gray's. The meat is much higher quality and it's the size of a quarter pounder, which costs slightly less at McDonald's. As for picking up your own food? Who wants to leave tips, honestly. That's all that having a server does is create a more expensive meal for service. In comparison, a burger, fries, and a drink at a sit-down restaurant will cost you over $8.00, Bill Gray's is just a medium. —JoshSeiler

2007-07-15 15:19:15   Just ate at the Chili Paul Plaza location. There were maybe four occupied tables, so the food didn't take long. But the whole restaurant had that plastic crafts store smell. —DaveMahon