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2005-10-31 18:58:46   Tom- I did not realize that Rafe Martin was a local writer! Excellent! When I taught preschool we'd listen to a tape of his stories at naptime (it was a recording of him reading the stories) and the kids would never fall asleep because they wanted to stay up and listen :) —HeatherYager

2005-10-31 20:31:41   I got to meet him and most of the other local authors while I was on the Greece Library Board - they love to help with library events, including Rafe... —TomKaminski

2009-04-23 11:08:42   If Martin Naperstack uses phrases such as "Kennedy was too far away for me to be crushed by a silent whomp of his falling shadow." then I'm more than dissatisfied that he is not a "Rochester writer" whatever that is. —CarolLucky

2020-07-05 19:11:01   A lot of links here to, looks Japanese. —GaryGocek