Braddock Bay Raptor Research

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Braddock Bay Raptor Research (BBRR) is located, not surprisingly, at Braddock Bay State Park, on the south shore of Lake Ontario. The Research Center focuses on migratory raptors (in this case, hawks and owls). The bay itself is a natural waypoint on their migratory path, putting BBRR in an ideal position to track statistics. During peak times of the migratory seasons (roughly April and August), volunteers have seen over 100 hawks a day. BBRR's current research focuses on sex differences in migration, testing the theory that males migrate earlier than females (blood samples taken from banded birds are used to determine the sex).

BBRR is also home to, at last count, 7 injured raptors. The birds, who are recovered from their injuries but unable to hunt, are cared for by BBRR volunteers.

Volunteers are also available to do educational programs for a small fee, bringing live birds, books, and information to share with groups of all ages. Their annual Bird of Prey week is (?? must look up when it is when not at work~).

In addition to all of this, BBRR hosts weekly "Hawk Walks" and "Owl Prowls," leaving Braddock Bay Park at 9am and 8am respectively each weekend (see website for details). Both are quiet walks through the various woods around the park in hopes of spotting a resting raptor.

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