This page is for archiving 2006/2007 comments from Brio

2006-05-20 15:07:02   I went here for dinner last night and was disappointed. The atmosphere and service were good, although the live music was a bit too loud, and the food was surprisingly bad. I got fried calamari for an appetizer, and it was extremely salty. My dinner was the fusili bolognese—the pasta had an odd texture, sort of like it was frozen and reheated, and the sauce didn't taste very good. One of the people I went with said the penne pollo (in a vodka cream sauce) was the best in Rochester, though. I guess the place is worth checking out—maybe it was just an off night. —RachelBlumenthal

2007-04-21 21:25:00   Eating here during the week is a much better experience than on the weekends because it is less crowded and quieter. The food is good, not fantastic and the service is above average. I think it is over priced compared to other places that serve similar food. During the weekends, when they have live music it is too loud. Last night when the singer took a break many in the crowd clapped. Everyone at my table clapped because we were all happy that we would be able to hear each other for at least 15 minutes. The bar in the middle of the main dinning room also adds to the noise especially when people are sitting around cheering for whatever sporting event is on the flat screen TV. Is this place a bistro or a sports bar? After the dinner crowd thins out it looks like it turns into a bar for the wealthy twenty something crowd. —ScottHendler

2007-09-12 14:16:48   I've been here a few times and it's always a decent experience. I like the bread and oil. As it comes with crumbled cheese and red pepper flakes. The entrees are always just ok, so I don't know why I keep going here. Maybe it's cause the cocktails are so good. The servers are always nice. But make sure to enunciate when you order. I got a steak special and asked for it "medium rare" and got it "medium well." It was still good - so I was ok with it. —MarcVera

2007-09-15 05:38:27   My Fiancee (K.) and I ate at Brio tonight, 9/14/07. We started with the bread, olive oil, cheese and pepper flakes; Feta Cheese Bruchetta as appetizer, we both enjoyed it. Drinks, I ordered a coke and K. ordered a Kettel One Vodka and Tonic, although she was served Grey Goose. For main course, I ordered Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken. This was clearly a frozen, reheated meal. Everything in this dish had a semi-cold texture and bite, even the pasta. I was disappointed. K. ordered the special, Swordfish Salad, which consisted of a fillet of Swordfish, browned with spicy seasoning, served over a large plate of greens. K. thought it was incredibly delicious, light but filling. The live music was way too loud, especially for piano bar ballads. —DaRoc

2007-11-14 13:21:08   Been to Brio twice in the past 2 months and had very good food both times. The first was a weekend night and the place was full. The second was a weeknight and the place was 90% empty. Both times the service was a little slow, but the staff were all very pleasant. The canned music was too fast a tempo for eating and much too loud. The live music was quite nice, just way too loud as well. I asked them to turn down the volume of the canned music or change it to something softer. They were able to turn it down but said they had no control over the style of music being piped in. —ZedOmega