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2007-07-29 09:04:32   The food there was served promptly, was really tasty and their salsa is
excellent. The service was courteous and attentive. —RichardSarkis

2007-09-07 19:11:36   I was excited to go here, but left disappointed. We had to ask for extra "hot" sauce and I doused my food with the whole bowl, and it still didn't have any flavor. I did enjoy the green sauce that was on the enchiladas I had though. But I think it came from a can. —MarcVera

2007-10-17 15:01:57   I was actually very pleased with the food. My husband and I went to mexico about 3 years ago and this was very close to what we had in Puerto Vallarta. The service is very attentive and you get quite a bit of food. —FrankieEngelbert

2007-10-31 12:15:13   My family went to Casa Azteca last night for my daughter's birthday. Everything was great! I had the Mexican Beef Stew which was very tasty. And the Xangas for dessert are my new favorite thing! —ErikaWu

2007-12-08 19:02:21   Great food. Generous portions. Excellent service. Reasonable prices. Can't wait to go back. Better than Maria's and Celenas! —KenBoyer