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2005-11-23 07:46:46   Those with allergies to any of the mix-ins, such as nuts, should be careful because there is a huge amount of cross-contamination on the cold stone. —RottenChester

2006-01-25 10:37:01   YUM!!!!!! but expensive! —JcPop

2006-09-08 08:51:03   The ice creams seems quite good here, but the whole "singing employees" thing makes me so uncomfortable that I probably won't be back. I'm sure some enjoy it, but to me it's demeaning and awkward to the employees and the customers." - signed, Grumpy Dad —ChrisYoung

2006-09-28 20:10:46   I agree with ChrisYoung - the singing is just...awful. I don't tip because I don't want them to burst into song. The ice cream is favourite is still Bruster's. —OneLove

2006-10-22 13:57:27   OK guys... i WORK at the coldstone in pittsford and yes, the singing employee thing can be a bit awkward... however, to claim that the singing will keep you OUT of the store is a crock. lame, my friends, lame. if you DONT want us to sing, the tips are still greatly appreciated for the good service, just tell us we don't have to sing. We sing becuase we are told to sing as it is part of the job description. the ice cream makes everything worth coming back for..... —MichaelPerrone

2006-10-22 20:35:22   Tip for scooping ice cream into a cone? You have got to be kidding!! —MrPhil

2006-10-23 05:32:08   MrPhil, does that mean you don't tip bartenders who just open a beer for you? It's customary to tip anyone who gives you any kind of service. —RachelBlumenthal

2006-10-23 06:58:21   I would say this tipping is in a seperate category: waiters, bartenders, food delivery people and even those that prepare your food for pick-up survive on tips, as they get a lower hourly wage. Icecream scoopers get a reasonable hourly wage and thus tipping is not necessary. —EllenKelsey

2006-10-23 07:10:42   How do you know that they get a decent hourly wage? —NeilBardhan

2006-10-23 12:43:21   well, I think the fairwage/living wage argument is entirely another subject. That said, icecream scoopers make more than the $2.15 an hour that restaurant workers do. —EllenKelsey

2006-11-02 15:16:52   most coldstone employees make minimum or close to it —MichaelPerrone

2006-12-27 21:54:45   I am one of the assisatant managers at the pittsford plaza coldstone. the whole singing and dancing thing is what coldstone is all about. It is a fun social and work environment. Yeah we all make fools of our selves wiht our singing and dancing, and there are probally 2 maybe 3 good singers that are employed there. —KaylaAgnello

2007-05-11 17:29:16   I've been to both Cold Stone and Marble Slab creameries down south and I'm very pleased that we have a Cold Stone in Rochester now. The singing doesn't bother me that much; it lasts for all of 10 seconds. It is expensive, but they were putting out buy-one-get-one free coupons in February and March. —AdrienneDahler

2007-05-31 15:06:53   There should be a Cold Stone somewhere downtown. Maybe Park Ave. or East. —AndrewCayer

2007-06-01 08:25:23   The singing is objectionable, but the pounding of the stupid trowels against the tables is just beyond the pale. I mean, metal on metal, who told them that was a good idea? As a drummer, I find this particularly disheartening, and then to have shelled out what I did for the pleasure made me glad it's nowhere within earshot of me. —DragonFlyEye

2007-06-01 08:43:12   I don't see what all the fuss is about (positive or negative). What about supporting any number of local businesses, many of which make their ice cream from scratch and with higher quality ingredients? And for that matter, why do people get excited about the exact same restaurant/business appearing in Rochester when it appears, in identical form, at hundreds of other strip malls? What ever happened to unique product - unique location - unique experience? —RochesterGuy

2007-06-09 01:43:47   If a local ice cream place utilized the concept of "mix-ins" as Cold Stone does I'd patronize the local shops all the time. As it stands, the local shops serve up the same old ice cream with minuscule pieces of cookie dough or what-have-you, while Cold Stone will mix in giant pieces of fruit or a whole brownie if you ask for it. —AdrienneDahler

2007-06-09 15:46:22   Just because they are a franchise operation doesn't mean that they aren't locally owned. —JcPop

2007-09-18 19:00:23   Make sure you get to Coldstone in Pittsford WELL before closing time, as these teenagers are known to lock the doors early. Been here on two occaisions well before 10pm to find the doors locked and a lot of dissapointed faces outside. Too bad their business practices aren't as good as their ice cream is... —GregDon

2007-09-19 12:06:10   I dont enjoy this ice cream. I would much rather have custard from Abbotts or Frozen yogurt from Freshens. As far as chains, I miss TCBY, even though the Greece, Pittsford, and Canandaigua locations were always dirty dumps. —MrRochester