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This page is where differences in opinions about RocWiki pages are resolved, and notes are left from one contributor to another related to content.

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2007-08-08 10:48:22   I want to somehow indicate that this is not for entertainment businesses like restaurants, bars and theaters. This is more for white collar and blue collar companies. Anyone know what kind of wording there should be for that? Perhaps there should be a "See Also" section that lists out restaurants and bars? Or, should this page just link to other pages about companies in specific industries, like Software, Law Firms, Biotech, Imaging, Restaurants, Architects, Bars, etc. —BenMargolis

2007-08-08 17:19:34   This list is growing fast and still has a lot of potential; I don't see many of the "Top 100" companies yet! I think Ben might be right about breaking this into smaller sub-pages, for the sake of clarity. —DaveMahon

2007-08-09 19:29:26   So here's my thought. We use Companies for the top 10-20 employers in the area and brands founded/previously headquartered here.

Then we create Companies/Industry pages to break this list up: /Food & Beverage, /Manufacturing, /Wholesalers, /Health Care, /Transportation, /Construction, /Marketing, /Electronics, /Information Technology, /Education & Training, /Telecommunications, /Energy, /Fashion, /Packaging & Printing, /Human Resources, /Outsourcing.

The downside is that this part of RocWiki becomes an awful lot like the Yellow Pages, but this content seems inevitable (and even desirable when demonstrating that we're not all working at McDonalds or on the dole), so we might as well make it as accessible as possible. —DaveMahon

2007-08-09 20:46:56   I think if we make an effort to be flippant, we can keep these listings from looking like the yellow pages. —EastSideStephen

2007-08-10 00:29:49   Good point. I've provided a few such pages to get us started. I think they demonstrate the voice you had in mind.

We need to make sure that each of the sub-directory pages provide links back to consumer equivalents when appropriate. —DaveMahon