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2006-04-07 01:35:43   the Cordello's in Gates on Lyell Ave just moved, basically across the road, on the other side of Wegmans... This is my favorite pizza in town.... —JcPop

2007-04-11 19:09:59   its hard to find real pizza in this city i grew up on pizza land pizza. this place is a close second, great crust good sauce get your wings extra crispy with extra sauce and dip the pizza in both the wing sauce and blue cheese....ahhh childhood just rushes back. —JadeRaven

2007-08-07 23:39:43   It was late at night and we were hungry so we called the only late night delivery place in Rochester. When the pizza arrived we thought that it looked delicious. Then we bit into it. There was very little sauce, too much cheese, and tasteless crust. After eating this rare delight(less) creation, we both shat in a manner most doctors would not describe as "healthy". Unfortunately for us we had ordered the 2 large pizza deal, and had to suffer through eating the pizzas for days to come.

Now, 10:30 at night, we found ourselves in a similar predicament-yearning for where else was open. We made the same mistake twice, only this time with a calzone. This time we got sauce, and found it to be completely flavorless, exactly like it came out of a tin can of pasta sauce with no additional spices. Bland crust. Too much cheese, (who knew there could be too much cheese on a calzone?)

What we're saying is, this shit sucks. But if you want late night food...what the hell else are you going to get? —BandBe

2007-10-26 18:36:42   you know after i posted that their pizza started to suck. i stopped eating there after i became a vegetarian. if you want the best pizza around and are willing to travel a bit, go to mama mia's in geneseo. just thinking about it makes me want to drive there and get some! —JadeRaven