Cornerstone Park


P1020050.JPGAugust 2013

Corner of Stone Street and East Broad Street, 14604

Cornerstone Park is a small park in the Convention District downtown.

Cornerstone Park was created in 1977 by the Rochester Telephone Company, who were supposed to be responsible for its maintenance. By the twenty-first century, however, it had fallen into disrepair and disuse. The pavement was uneven and choked with weeds, while the defunct water fountain was barely recognizable. In July 2013 the City of Rochester sent out a [WWW]Request for Proposals "for the rehabilitation of Cornerstone Park to provide a pleasant public space for workers in the adjacent businesses, users of the central library and visitors to downtown." The goal is to "make Cornerstone Park an inviting and active public space and a shining example of green infrastructure practices." Most of the $725,000 price tag will come from a state grant.



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