D'Alessandro House Buyers

284 Cottage Street, Rochester, NY 14611
585 302 4297
585 703 0437
585 563 6095
<joe AT dalessandrohousebuyers DOT com>

D'Alessandro House Buyers is a property management company with numerous properties, mostly residential, in Rochester's Plymouth-Exchange and 19th Ward neighborhoods. It is run by Joe and Lisa D'Alessandro.

D'Alessandro buys and renovates houses for rent. Their target renters are often students of UR and RIT. Joe's brother Anthony is the proprietor of Deli Sandros across from Riverview Apartments. Both buildings are also owned by D'Alessandro House Buyers.



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2013-06-15 14:34:16   Although their houses are clean, and newly renovated — the simple truth is that the walls are poorly built in every one of their houses. So, inevitably it’s not very livable for that reason, and that’s a shame. It creates a lot of tension between roommates when a person can hear most everything, at all times. They also tend to have lots of people come and see the rooms, so it’s not very private. Rent is cheap in shared living situations. But, this is because the landlords will “low-ball” you, and charge for changing rooms, providing a mattress, etc. The worse, and most notable point is that they sometimes keep the deposit and “create” reasons to do so — though, they had agreed to something before hand. Get everything in writing, and be careful with these people. —JenniferShipman

2014-06-04 16:25:25   I had rented half of a duplex from D'Alessandro House Buyers for a year and can honestly say I will never go back.

During the duration of our lease they ignored multiple requests and complaints by us to not send one of their handy-men when things went wrong in the house, after he routinely insulted us and made us feel uncomfortable.

Six months into our lease our home was broken into while we were asleep upstairs and no emotion was shown whatsoever by the landlord when we were explaining the situation, not even a comment about "I'm sorry this happened to you".

The worst was at the end of our lease. We moved out at the beginning of our last month to give us time to clean the house and get settled in the new place. Over the last two or three weeks of the lease I had many issues come up with the way D'Alessandro House Buyers were operating the move out on their end but all complaints have fallen on deaf ears. I have left messages, been told I would be called back by the receptionist who seemed to agree that my concerns were just but the landlord just simply ignored me.

I would not recommend to a single person to rent from this company, unless you have plans of never needing to discuss anything with your landlord once they stop collecting your rent.

2014-06-04 18:42:37   Did you lock the windows and engage the burglar alarm? —EileenF