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9564 Route 414, Lodi, NY 14860 [Directions]
Hours (as of January 2008)
Winter Hours: Friday-Sunday lunch + dinner, Thursday lunch
607 582 7555
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Dano's is a Austrian restaurant on Seneca Lake, just south of Wagner winery. The restaurant features seating for 75, with additional seasonal exterior seating for 60 more.


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2008-01-10 22:00:02   This place was featured on "Opening Soon" on Fine Living. So my partner and I decided to take his folks and sister there for lunch. It was, how should I say, one of the worst ideas we've ever had. While the spreads + bread were delicious, every piece of meat was mediocre, dry, or tasteless. Sometimes all 3. Even the desserts were bland. Our bill was well over $100. We spoke to one of the owners who was pretty blah. I was my normal enthusiastic self, and she couldn't really have cared less that we were there. We won't be returning. —MarcVera

2008-01-11 21:38:34   Always had an excellent meal there. Heuriger is the Austrian version of Dim Sum.
We usually order bread with a couple of spreads, some vegi salads, spaetzle and a piece of meat to complete the dinner. The lamb shank and schnitzel are excellent. Nice views of Seneca Lake specially when the deck is open in the summer. —ThomasPawlik

2008-01-16 16:09:59   I was there twice this past summer and had an excellent meal both times. Once was with a large group and they accomodated us on the terrace and took time to answer all our questions and explain everything on the menu. I think we spent three hours there, it was just so delightful. I hope it continues to be just as good, since I've added it to my list of "places to take out of town visitors." The view of Seneca Lake is awesome too. —JasonHaremza

2008-09-06 22:56:59   While I don't mean to discredit Marc's comment, I have trouble believing that this place could be anything else than fantastic. Food is excellent all around. They have an extensive wine and beer list featuring many Finger Lakes and Austrian wines. The interior is beautiful and the view can't be beat in the warmer months. Regarding dessert: our shared homemade Linzer torte was absolutely delicious and the coffee was strong and had a clean finish (most coffee in this area turns white at the sight of cream). And our bill for two people? $50 tip included for a great dinner and couple glasses of wine. —RochesterGuy

2009-07-30 08:35:12   I should update my comment: have been several times since posting. Our meals have been consistently fantastic. I specifically remember a lamb shank and a blue fish spread special both being delicious. And yes, the deserts are some of the best I've had — strudel and mohn torte have been added to the linzer torte list. —RochesterGuy