Don's Original/Comments


This is for archiving comments from 2006 & before for Don's Original:

2005-12-01 14:00:58   Some people think that Don's original chocolate almond custard is superior to Abbott's. Don's uses lots of salted chunky almonds in theirs. —MariahBetz

2006-04-02 14:53:22   Tasty burgers! —JcPop

2006-11-04 06:17:57   The service and quality of food at the Monroe Ave. location, stinks. I can get a better burger, faster at burger king —MrPhil

2007-05-11 09:23:19   Don's Original is so synonymous with Seabreeze that I can't even imagine anyone going to another location. I never, ever go in the Winter but when Summer rolls around (in just a few weeks!) I'll surely grab a great burger and split an order of onion rings before taking a long walk on the beach and settling into a good book. If I still have room I might even attempt to get some chocolate almond custard, which, yes, is indeed far superior to Abbott's. —RochesterGuy

2007-07-27 16:34:40   Had a burger at the seabreeze location. It was undercooked and the bread was stale. Try Vic & Irv's or Bill Gray's instead. —MrPhil