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2009-02-05 22:12:37   El Dorado serves a limited menu, but they offer excellent, authentic Mexican food. Flavors are delicate and complex, with the subtlety that I associate with home-cooked meals in Mexico. First rate! —FredHarvey

2009-02-11 09:48:12   I had a pretty good dining experience here last night with two friends of mine. We noticed this place pop up on ROCWIKI and thought we'd give it a try since it was close (to RIT). The atmosphere is more or less take out, with the option of sitting at a long, low bar to eat. As a college student, I rather liked it- there's something charming about its rough around the edges, sparse appearance, and the place is clean, above all else. The three of us each had a burrito and I also had a tostada. The burritos we had were ground beef, barbacoa (shredded beef), and carne asada steak. The steak was definitely the winner of the three, with the staff admitting that it is their specialty. The barbacoa and ground beef was slightly better than bland, but I still wouldn't recommend it. Apparently they don't offer chicken anymore due to low demand. The burritos are somewhere between authentic Mexican and American styles, meaning less cheese and salsa fillings but still not a ton of cilantro. I was really hungry at the time (as burrito eaters ought to be), but didn't feel full after eating. Enter the tostada, which I got with horizo (spicy Mexican sausage), which was very good. Overall, this place is a nice addition to the Henrietta Mexican food offerings, in my opinion. Not everything is fabulous, but they obviously have their good dishes, and they are great. The staff is friendly and appear excited to get the word out about their new place. The location is not bad (old Calkins/E Henrietta Wegmans plaza, look for the strobe lights), and is somewhat close to Paola's which I hear is closing their doors in about a month to go back to Mexico. I'll be going back, and this time I'll get the steak, and maybe try some of their other reasonably priced menu items. —MichaelGoldberg

2009-02-15 11:39:55   Although its a small dinning place ,it fels very homelike .The staff is great they really make the customer feel very comfortable while waiting their food. OMG! The food is awesome .I had the Chicken Quesadilla plate it was so delicious i had to go back for seconds . I really recommend this restaurant .It really those have an authentic mexican feel to it . And the food and service are great . I hope they stick around for a very long time. —YASHIRA

2009-02-18 17:02:04   I stopped in yesterday to check it out, I ordered the Flautas and they were amazing. The presentation and flavor really surprised me. They came with rice and beans and it was only $4.50! Very low prices and delish food, i hope it sticks around. —JFigo

2009-02-25 00:03:40   El Dorado is one of the best new businesses in Henrietta. Juan and Carmelo are wonderful hosts and serve excellent authentic Mexican cuisine. This is not Taco Bell! El Dorado is primarily a take out place but there is a small counter if you choose to eat in. Everything is made fresh to order and has a very homey flavor. Juan cooks from the heart and it shows. I've been a regular since they opened just before Christmas. I'm proud to say I've tried almost everything on the menu and even a few items that were original offerings but, sadly, were removed due to poor sales. The Quesadilla Bravada is a must! The bacon makes this special. The Tortas (Mexican sandwiches) are excellent; a refreshing change from the usual deli sandwich. My favorite is the Chorizo (a spicy Mexican sausage). There are fajitas and flautas as well as enchiladas, burrito, tacos (try the cecina, a special steak taco). The platillos (plates) come with rice, beans and salad. Our favorites are the Carnitas (seasoned pork) and the Carne Asada (Mexican steak). We find the portions 'just right' and the prices extremely reasonable. Juan and Carmelo are excited about their new business and are always thinking of ways to make it better or new things they might add to the menu. They are eager to please their customers and welcome comments. You owe it to yourself to give El Dorado Mexican Cuisine a try. —Suep

2009-03-19 18:22:14   good food, good people, good prices. recommended. —RaginRon

2009-04-07 11:26:42   Finally! This is exactly what Rochester has been needing. I should mention there were booths this past weekend when I visited, though by no means would I consider the decor/interior conducive for a nice meal. The food will win you over, though. —EllenKelsey

2009-04-09 16:28:09   Holy holy holy! Amazing Mexican food. Enchiladas sans gooey cheese, just like when I visit my relatives in Tlaquepaque! Tacos are also great, albeit a tad small, but that's ok, just order more of them! —MarcVera

2009-05-01 22:05:59   Great food, and reasonably priced. With telenovas on the TV and the cooks right in the middle of things, it felt more like eating in someone's kitchen than going to a restaurant. Now all they need is a liquor license! —TomMaszerowski

2009-05-20 15:40:22   this is truly authentic. i don't think anything i order on the menu could be disappointing. it's a gritty, family owned and operated place, so don't worry about dress code or looking picture perfect. the quality and price are unbeatable. before i discovered el dorado, the only suitable mexican was all the way in canadaigua (or other location of sodus) at el rincon mexicano—which is great but different vibe completely & a bit far out. i hope this place does amazingly well here, the food does not disappoint. —Leisel

2009-05-23 21:16:52   There are now lots of tables to sit and eat. Service was friendly, food was ok, prices reasonable. Not a fancy place, probably similar to a local joint in Mexico. —DottieHoffmann

2009-06-11 09:19:11   The service was outstanding; our server was friendly and personable and the food arrived quickly. The food was even better. I had a combination flauta lunch with one potato filled, one beef filled and one chicken filled. My dish also included a generous portion of refried beans and Spanish rice. I can't decide which flauta I liked the most. The prices were very reasonable. I'll definitely be going back again. —RichardSchreiber

2009-06-12 09:48:56   Disclaimer: This review is meant for the picky taco connoisseur - overall this restaurant offers decent food.

Stopped by last night. The "decor" is certainly minimalist and shabby - obviously the emphasis is on the food. My first order of business was to ask for Horchata - unfortunately, they only have bottled drinks in the case. We started with chips and salsa, which were good - the chips were warm, thin, crisp and flavorful. The salsa left something to be desired in both tang and spice, however. We also ordered several tacos, barbacoa, chorizo, and al pastor, since tacos are the true test of a Mexican restaurant's authenticity. The chorizo was quite good, homemade according to the menu. The barbacoa was tasty, but lacked seasoning and was extremely greasy - I might have guessed that it was carnitas, actually, which is not a ringing endorsement for beef. The al pastor was merely charred pieces of pork with sauted onions - not exactly the giant seared loaf of sweetly seasoned pork and pineapple that's sold as al pastor along the west coast of Mexico. Overall, the tacos were average, but overpriced. Nearly $2 per taco is a steep price to pay for anyone who is used to getting better at roadside carts for less than half the price. Additionally, they were not served with lime (until I asked), and the toppings varied for each type of taco served, which seemed odd (lettuce and tomato on the chorizo, onions and cilantro (my preferred topping for all tacos) on the barbacoa, and nothing on the al pastor. The location is too out-of-the-way for someone living in the city and the food too run-of-the-mill for me to go back on any regular sort of occasion. My wife, however, says that they're the best tacos she's had in Rochester, I agree with her on this point, I'm unfortunately just very picky about tacos – and best in Rochester is not quite good enough for me as of yet.

2009-06-14 17:22:13   A great choice for lunch - fast, cheap and delicious with absolutely great service. I had the barbacoa and it was pretty good. The salsa was a little on the thin/non spicy side for me but it went well with the hot chips. They even have a green salsa. Definitely one of the most authentic Mexican places in Rochester. —OneLove

2009-08-05 20:13:46   Just ate here, and I was not completely satisfied. The decor wasn't the issue for me, the food was. It just wasn't all that good. The enchiladas tasted burned, honestly, and the carnitas were tough and not particularly flavorful. We got no chips (which I don't really care that much about). All in all, a disappointing meal, and I wasn't expecting Tex Mex, but I did hope for some good cooking, which this was not. I will try this place again when RIT starts sessions again with the idea that more traffic/customers might improve the cuisine. But I really was very disappointed tonight. —KatieSchmitz

2009-10-27 14:09:59   THIS IS THE REAL DEAL! My son and I stopped in for tacos, figuring it would be quick and cheap. What we didn't count on was how good it was. I have since been back several times, and have loved it each time. The owner/cook Carmello makes the food fresh daily, and it shows. This is not Tex-Mex or "Americanized" Mexican, this is real cooking. The burritos aren't buried in cheese, the taco's were grilled to order and the chips and salsa are made right there...ask for the green jalapeno salsa if you like a little spice. This is one of those places you tell everyone you know about, because you want it to be here forever. Hands down the best Mexican food in Rochester. —JohnWilkinson

2009-12-23 14:00:59   Absolutely unbelievable - very authentic, low priced Mexican food. AUTHENTIC - it felt like we were eating in someone's kitchen. The chef came up afterwards to make sure our meal was good and chat - great customer service, great food, great prices. —MarcusKroll

2009-12-23 17:55:41   The Owner/Chef of this restaurant is friendly and you can tell he cares about his food. If you just want great food this is the place to go. —Chef