Eye Openers

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2929 Monroe Ave, Rochester, NY 14618 [Directions]
Hours (as of March 2011 per Website)
Monday, Tuesday, Friday: 10:00AM to 5:30PM
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 10:00AM to 8:00PM
Saturday: 8:00AM to Noon
Sunday: Closed
585 442 0123

Eye Openers is a glasses store in the Monroe Clover Plaza at the corner of Monroe Ave and Clover Street. The owner Richard Levy has stated that his goal is to bring in unusual frames from major metropolitan area to offer an alternative to "what is typically offered at the malls."

Appointments are suggested.


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2006-04-08 00:48:52   The wife and I went there this evening to look at glasses with the intent of purchasing. We were met at the door almost immediately by a lady who seemed like she did not want us there. She explained to us we did not have an appointment so we were not able to buy any glasses. On top of that, no prices were listed next to the glasses. We were told they "go in back" to look up the price. So we left and spent our money somewhere else because they were not willing to even sell us anything, or even give us any kind of service without us making an appointment. Since when is buying frames like buying a car? I was offended that we were treated like we were not welcome there and did not like the arbitrary feel of their pricing policy. —JasonWilder

2007-04-01 08:43:13   Hmm, yes, it's strange that you have to make an appointment, but it seems to work for them. I wasn't a huge fan of it either or of my waitstaff(?)'s opinions, but having a friend there to help me found me number of great frames and I bought one that I'm very happy with and definitely wouldn't have found at some other store. FYI, mine were quite reasonable ($200 I think) and if you want to return after your initial visit at any time you may do so without an appointment. I'd still highly recommend it (and One Hip Chic for female frames) over anything else in the area. —RochesterGuy

2007-05-16 09:24:33   When my boyfriend needed a new pair of glasses we also stopped in here without an appointment, but the staff were very courteous and told us to look around as much as we'd like and to let them know if we needed any pricing information. We didn't end up buying the frames there because he found some he liked better elsewhere, but maybe they got some complaints and have changed their tactics a bit? —AdrienneDahler