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2006-04-30 05:40:42   *pokes Far* —GirtsFolkmanis

2006-06-15 19:51:24   Just read that you're a fellow Independent, cool. Waitaminute. Are Independents supposed to care to find others? I feel an identity crisis coming on. —ChristineLeo

2006-06-15 19:52:53   yeah. I sometimes have to leave the room as soon as I walk into it, so I can be _really_ indepdenent.... —FarMcKon

2006-09-09 12:09:55   Jonathan, could you share your hack for Sycamore and Google Maps? Very nice guys. —ReidSerozi

2006-10-08 00:10:53   I don't know how to get ahold of ya about the coffee shop thing, but you can email me (which is on my website) at Travis nospam Owens nospam AT Hotmail dot Com. —TravisOwens

2006-11-10 15:26:02   i have a question regarding images and copyrights. Where is the appropriate place to ask such a question? Thanks. —AlexanderGartley

2007-01-11 13:13:57   I work for a department at RIT, and we had to research sites that gave information on Rochester, and what to do in Rochester, and someone found this site. I've been on it ever since. I find it strangely addictive :) —AlexanderGartley

2007-01-14 02:38:07   Hello Brother. I am doing research to discover who you are. WOW! I'm impressed and unworthy. Do me a favor and check out the family site. It is not anywere near your ability, but I would love for you to share yourself on it. I really want to get to know who you are. —BeverlyMcKamey

2007-01-14 12:00:46   Hey Bev. I've been on and off the family site, but I had log-in problems. I'll check it again —FarMcKon

2007-01-14 13:10:01   Let me know if you need to be invited again and what email you want to use. That, or Heather can go on and re-invite you too. I see she has been on. —BeverlyMcKamey

2007-01-17 20:21:16   Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday Dear Johhhhhn (Jon dragged out), Happy Birthday to you! —BeverlyMcKamey

2007-01-19 05:11:21   Wow, Far has family! And to think we had thought he was an android. Happy Birthday, Jonathan! —JohnLam

2007-01-19 11:21:05   Thanks. —FarMcKon

2007-03-20 21:12:49   Happy Birthday far!!! —PeteB

2007-03-21 19:18:14   Noooooo! —FarMcKon

2007-05-01 15:49:32   No idea when your shoe cobbler question was from...I've been to Sofia on Monroe numerous times as a matter of convenience. And out of those numerous times, half were so-so (basic re-attach jobs), and the other half required return trips to do over their less-than-robust repairs. The last time I set foot in there (no pun intended), they gave me back shoes that weren't even touched and tried to charge me. Don't think it was intentional (then again, people do form false first impressions of me such as being a pushover, amusingly), but the low caliber, high hassle simply got to be deal-breaking. I've been going to Al's at 985, north on Monroe. —ChristineLeo

2007-05-01 15:51:38   I ended up going to the place by Arena 51 gaming out in Henrietta. Great guy, he helped me out well there. —FarMcKon