Fare Game Food Co

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fare3.jpgFare Game Food Co new location, Sept 2011

lbfg.jpgFare Game Food Co - old location, March 2010

pastrami.jpgThe Amazing Sandwich, 12-2013

Located in the Public Market, Rochester NY [Directions]
Hours (as of March 2010)
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585 473-4210
<info AT domain DOT com>
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[WWW]2008-12-3 City Newspaper

Fare Game Food Co. is located at the Public Market and sells various meat products from local and/or organic sources. Many of their meats are from animals that you would not find in a Wegmans such as buffalo and rabbit. Fare Game also sells sandwiches, with the pastrami sandwich their signature item, and a wide selection of deserts.

Fare Game has moved around a bit over the past few years, right now they are located in the back of the Boulder Coffee building (1 Public Market).


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2013-02-06 11:35:40   Fare Game is now located inside the Boulder Coffee building at the Public Market (1 Public Market). They carry a selection of game meats and other related specialty products. They have, in my opinion, quite possibly the best pastrami sandwich rivaling Katz’s in NYC (I’ve had both). The difference being FG chops the pastrami where Katz’s is sliced. I personally prefer FG’s chopped version. They start serving it at 10:45 on Saturdays and sell out quickly. —jjjingleheimer

2013-02-06 20:28:42   The pastrami sandwich is absolutely amazing —DottieHoffmann

2013-07-08 17:50:26   Does anyone know there hours of operation? —Jethro777

2013-07-08 19:50:03   Jethro - not certain about the rest of the week, but he is definitely always there on Saturday during Public Market hours. Might try calling him using the number listed above. —DottieHoffmann