Genesee Country Village & Museum

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1410 Flint Hill Road, Mumford, NY 14482 [Directions]
585 538 6822

Genesee Country Village & Museum is a nonprofit educational, living-history museum which attempts to replicate a 19th-century village. The museum is open May-October, and during that time visitors can tour a number of carefully restored houses, barns and businesses. Museum staff dress in period clothing and demonstrate 19th-century craft and commerce in facilities like the barns or restored blacksmith shop.

In addition to the village, the complex also houses a number of other attractions. The John L. Wehle Gallery of Art has a large collection of wildlife and sporting art. The adjoining Genesee Country Nature Center has 175 acres which can be used for nature hikes in the summer and skiing in the winter. The Carriage Museum has a large collection of 19th- and 20th-century horse-drawn vehicles, and the Heirloom Gardens include 13 ornamental plots in different styles.

The museum sponsors a number of events, including 19th-century baseball games played by teams in period uniforms. Check the website for details of all museum programs.

Located in the hamlet of Mumford, town of Wheatland, New York.

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2007-05-19 23:03:51   This place is really cool! I haven't been there since I was in about 7th grade but I always remember being really impressed. If you are looking for a day trip, this is well worth the 1/2 hour/45 minute drive approximately if I remember correctly that it is from Rochester. You take Scottsville Road south through Wheatland and through the village of Scottsville, then I believe there's signs pointing you towards Mumford and once you're there, there should be signs guiding you to Genesee Country Museum, cause as far as attractions go, it's pretty much all they have out there in the boonies, I think. —JoannaLicata

2011-03-04 15:53:00   I got married at the Genesee Country Village in October and it was great! I would definitely recommend checking it out if anyone wants a non-traditional wedding venue. They have two churches, although we opted for the apple orchard for the ceremony, and two reception halls; one with three separate rooms (for appetizers, dinner, and dancing) and one large barn (that they call a "meeting hall"). The two wedding coordinators really know what they are doing and make sure everything runs smoothly. The grounds offer fantastic opportunities for photos with lots of rustic wood-sided buildings and various flora. Just be prepared for lots of attention as the museum will still be open to the public and the visitors will gawk at you as you walk by (or ride by if you opt for the horse and carriage ride, which I also recommend highly!). —MattGeorge