George Baldwin Selden

Birth name Aliases
George Baldwin Selden None
Birth date Birth place
September 14, 1846 Clarkson, NY
Date of death Place of death
January 17, 1922 Rochester, NY
Known for
Patenting the automobile

Detroit might be the first place to come to mind when you think of the history of cars, but Rochester may be more appropriate.

George Baldwin Selden had many professions throughout the course of his life, but he is remembered today as the inventor who was granted the first US patent for the automobile. Though initially he didn't actually produce any vehicles, he eventually was forced to start production in order to go after larger automobile companies for patent infringement. The Selden Motor Car Company was born here in Rochester but never came of age due to many losses in court and a major loss of finances. Selden died of a stroke in Rochester, NY in 1922. The company evolved into building trucks but was closed in 1930 after being absorbed into the Bethlehem Truck Company of Pennsylvania. The Selden factory, then on Probert Street, is now home to RF Harris Communications. To this day there's an elevator in the building that still bears the Selden name.

George Selden resided in what is today the Grove Place Historic District.


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