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South Wedge Farmers Market Distribution.jpgGFC at South Wedge Farmers Market GFC Logo.jpgConnecting a Great City with Great Farms

331 Gregory St, Rochester, NY 14620 [Directions]
(585) 474-6532
<info AT thegoodfoodcollective DOT com>

The Good Food Collective is a multi-farm CSA project offering membership programs that connect people to local, sustainable foods and some of the best farmers in the Rochester area.

The Good Food Collective runs a SUMMER CSA offering a weekly distribution of fresh, organic vegetables and fruit (June-October) and a WINTER CSA offering a monthly distribution of frozen, stored, and fresh organic vegetables and fruit (December-March).

The Good Food Collective has several work distribution sites, as well as membership distribution via the South Wedge Farmers' Market.

The Good Food Collective is a project of Headwater Foods, a Community Food Enterprise creating a value-filled, year-round supply chain of local, sustainable foods for the greater Rochester area. Headwater Foods is committed to joining with others and working towards a more socially and environmentally just food system and the individual, social, economic, and ecological health of our community.


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2013-04-01 20:38:10   Can't wait for our summer share this year. Added the bread share so we will be set for our veggie, fruit and bread fix each week. Feel lucky that they come right to RIT for drop-off. A win all around!

2015-09-04 19:52:41   Is it really a collective, in the sense of collective ownership? I can't find any info to support this. —IanTomley