Hedges 9 Mile Point Restaurant

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1290 Lake Rd, Webster, NY 14580 [Directions]
Hours (as of December 2020)
Closed for the season until February 21, 2021
585 265 3850
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Hedges 9 Mile Point Restaurant is a restaurant on Lake Road in Webster, specializing in steak and seafood.


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2011-07-13 14:58:32   My wife and I recently went to Hedges for our anniversary, and here’s my humble opinion of Hedges from a former chef of a well know Florida steak house…

Note my little grades next to each experience.

About 2 weeks prior to our dinner, I called to make a reservation for a Wednesday night. I asked to reserve a table by the window. I was told they take reservations, but they don’t reserve tables, but the gentleman taking the reservation said that the hostess would do all they could when we arrived. I asked if I wanted to try and ensure that we get a table, what time should I get there? He said come when we open at 5:30. A little earlier than what we wanted, but I really wanted a window table. (C+)

We arrived a little early (5:15). Since they didn’t start serving until 5:30, we asked if we could get a drink and bring it outside. The cocktail waitress was really pleasant, and offered to take our order and bring it out to us. (A+)

I then went to the blond hostess and shared with her my name and reservation time and asked if I could now reserve a table by the window. She curtly replied, “we don’t do that”. I again explained we are here, I have a reservation, and I was told that when I arrive, I could ask the hostess for a window table. “Nope, we don’t do that”. Please keep in mind that beyond 3 people sitting at the bar, there wasn’t a sole in the whole restaurant! (F)

We then went outside and it was absolutely perfect. We sat in these old Adirondack chairs and our drinks came out very promptly. The cocktail waitress gave me my martini first – and I looked at it, and it couldn’t have had more than an ounce of gin. My wife’s Cosmo was then sat down and it was the same – for a split second my wife and I looked at each other in disbelief. Then, the waitress gave us the “side-cars”. These were tiny 3ish ounce carafes with the rest of the drinks. They were sitting in an old fashioned glass nestled by crushed ice to keep them chilled. These were the largest drinks I’ve ever been served – very nicely done! (A+)

We finished our drinks and went in. To prep myself for the hostess, I looked around and saw that only two of the window tables were taken, I again asked the hostess if we could have a table by the window – the answer indignity was, “but of course”. It almost felt like, “well why didn’t you ask me before?” (D)

Since we planned on dessert, and the entree came with a salad and a side, we elected not to have appetizers. My wife ordered the crab cakes and I the Mahi Mahi. Both my wife’s house salad and my Caesar salad were fresh and crisp – a good start. (A)

The wine menu was limited, but there were some good bottles at a reasonable price. (B+)

Then came the entrées. I’ll start with my wife’s. The description explains these were Maryland style lump crab-cakes. Once she cut into them, it was quickly apparent there were not per the description. Although there was visible “strands” of pulled meat throughout (I’m not sure if it’s crab), these were not “Maryland style lump crab-cakes”. Maryland style if done right are made with 4 simple ingredients: mostly whole “lump” crab meat, a little bit of crushed saltines or bread crumbs, enough mayo to just hold them barley together and old-bay seasoning. My suggestion is for the chef to take a trip down to Baltimore to see what the real deal is – or simply buy some frozen Phillips crab cakes which are more authentic than these . Her side of fingerling potatoes were tasteless – I’d suggest at a minimum they should toss them in butter and some chopped fresh herbs such as parsley and sprinkle with flakey sea salt. (D+)

Then came mine, the grilled Mahi Mahi with tiger shrimp and lobster risotto. First, the fish itself was grilled to perfection, but what got me is once again the description did not equal what was served. First, there was no lobster to be seen in the slightly over cooked risotto. I’ll admit that they must have used lobster stock in it. As mentioned, the fish was nicely prepared, but when the description says “tiger shrimp” on top, one would assume this is plural. Well, that’s all there was, “one” shrimp on top. I would suggest changing the description to “a” tiger shrimp. (C+)

Lastly was the desert. My wife is a connoisseur of crème brulee. Once again, the description did not meet the product. It’s called a “Gande” crème brulee. We’ve had this dessert in many restaurants, and this was by no means “Grand” – in fact it was “ultra-ordinary”. It was served in a 3 inch ramekin where one would assume a Grande would be in a larger/flatter 5-6 inch ramekin. Then came the dessert itself. First, the presentation was nice with a small dollop of whipped cream and a few blueberries on top. The second customer experience with crème brulee is one should be able to tap your spoon on the thick caramelized sugar topping and hear a “tap-tap-tap”. I tried this, and my spoon went right through it as the crust was too thin. The third is when the spoon is pressed on the caramel coating, it crunches through – since it was so thin – this didn’t happen. Then the fourth is the crème itself - it needs to be rich/dense with a vanilla/eggy custard. This custard was very light and more pudding like – not Grand and not traditional. (D-)

I noted throughout the evening, of the 8 window seats only 3 were ever occupied. Management really needs establish a policy to take a reservation or not – this policy is too wishy-washy and just causes customer dissatisfaction! (F)

So, would we go again, yes – we’ll just have drinks outside and appetizers and then go someplace that the menu’s description matches what is served.