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High Falls Brewing Company was the official name of the Genesee Brewery during the period of 2000-2009 when it was owned and operated by private Rochester-area investors. During this time it was the fifth largest brewing company in America, and the producer of JW Dundee's Honey Brown Lager, Michael Shea's Irish Amber, Genny Light, the Genesee Family of brands and Koch's Golden Anniversary. High Falls distributed its products across 41 states and Ontario, Canada.

High Falls also brewed beer for other beer companies, such as the Boston Brewing Company (makers of Sam Adams beer), on a contract basis. As much as 50% of the output of High Falls' brewery was for other firms. High Falls also distributed beer for other companies, some as far away as New Zealand, which may explain why trucks bearing the brands of other breweries (such as Coors) were sometimes seen on their premises.

In 2009 High Falls was purchased by an investment capital firm and folded into a larger brewing/marketing company called North American Breweries. At this time the public name of Genesee Brewing Company was revived.

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2006-05-21 13:13:06   Contract brewing saved High Falls (Genesee) and other regional breweries like Saranac (Utica Club). —TomMaszerowski

2006-08-29 21:14:03   Does anyone know if they provide tours of their brewing operation? —AdamDewitz

2011-06-04 16:37:39   Trying to find out where and how I can buy the Dundee promotional posters: great designs! —KatieSchmitz

2011-06-05 21:18:56   Try a beer distributor or a large beer store. —RxScabin