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2006-08-03 13:34:03   Food is good, but overpriced. —MrPhil

2006-11-28 22:47:59   The food is really good here. I particularly like the banana french toast. It is one of the pricier diners in the area, but you can definitely tell that money's going to good use. The inside is of course very cool, and the wait staff is always friendly. It is very busy on Sundays, and you will likely have to wait 10-20 minutes on a Sunday. —StevenDibelius

2007-04-16 20:42:11   My favorite diner experience in Rochester, never to crowded. I don't think it's overpriced, but the food isn't "cheap" either. —TravisOwens

2007-04-29 23:32:00   Definitely one of my favorites diners around here. I love the authentic feel. The prices do seem a bit high for a diner at first glance, but the food is somewhat higher quality then most other diners I've been to, so I think the few extra dollars are worth it. This morning I had cinnamon French toast and sausage—the toast was good, but the highlight was definitely the sausage. Delicious. Everyone else at the table was really pleased with their meals, too (flapjacks, enchilada omelette, beef hash, and a few other things.) —RachelBlumenthal

2007-06-22 12:01:06   My friends and I always make a point of coming here for special occasions. (If it's someone's birthday and it's a weekend then we are here for breakfast.) We're all college students and I've never had a huge problem with the prices but that may be because I don't eat here all the time. My 'regular' dish is sausage gravy which comes with the best biscuits and some spicy homefries that I love. The staff is always very nice and service is REALLY fast. I particularly love the guy waiter who I get every time I go there, he cracks me up. —AnneRimbach

2007-10-28 22:16:36   Aren't they 24 hours? Or am I thinking of someplace else? I know there's more 24 hour diners than the five listed on RocWiki. —JoannaLicata

2007-10-30 08:38:28   I was very unimpressed a couple weeks ago. After a difficult time getting a server (they seemed understaffed) I ordered an omelette special that had avocado and a fresh-squeezed orange juice. The omelette arrived but the server said they didn't have avocado so he just gave me a side of guacamole, and the orange juice tasted more like Tropicana's "Fresh-Squeezed" product. Even at diners that charges half the price of Highland (not hard to find), if an ingredient is to be substituted, I've always been consulted. And although it's apparently "normal practice" to substitute store-bought, pasteurized juice for juice that is actually fresh-squeezed, I still call it "lying". —JasonOlshefsky

2007-12-06 21:40:31   I, like RachelBlumenthal, also like the authentic feel of this place. The prices aren't cheap, but I wouldn't call it over-priced, since you can get breakfast for about $6-$7 here, which I'm pretty sure is the going rate. Also, in response to JoannaLicata, this place is NOT a 24 hour diner (maybe it used to be, but it's not now anyway). I've filled in the hours up top. —EricArdis

2008-01-24 20:25:25   Also, forgot to mention in my last post... the staff here are always friendly to me whenever I go. They recognize me now since I've become a "regular", I'm considering exchanging names with them the next time I go (haven't gotten to that point yet) —EricArdis

2008-01-28 22:48:14   I love the home fries here. My boyfriend loves this thing I can describe only as a heart attack in a bowl - sausage gravy, eggs and other fattening stuff layered. It is a good breakfast place in terms of service and price (for the quality) - gets my vote over Jay's Diner any day of the week. —OneLove

2008-06-20 16:22:04   Good food, a tad pricey though. —JK44

2008-08-19 15:27:29   Cool place and good food. The last time I was there it was pretty dirty feeling though, maybe because it was so busy? (no time to clean?) Recommended for a try. —MrRochester

2008-12-06 10:02:29   The breakfasts are better than the dinners. Next time I go I'm going to try the peanut butter & bacon sandwich. —BatGuano