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2015-06-06 16:47:53   I think we should combine this page with the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown and the new one coming to College Town. We usually don't make individual pages for each and every location a national chain has in the area. —EileenF

2015-06-07 13:01:46   Are the hotels different enough to warrant new pages? I've never been to them or paid attention, I'm not even sure. I think the national chain thing could be a bit different for some hotels/motels. I feel like the Holidome in Henrietta, the Strathallen or The Del Monte Lodge could warrant their own page because they are rather unique, even though they are each part of a national chain. However all Motel 8s or Econlodges in the area may just all be on one page as they are pretty much the same building,just at different locations. I think the national chain rule in general is a good thing, like a McDonals is just like another McDonalds, etc., maybe not as much with hotels. —badfish

2015-06-07 21:14:24   I think we should have a Hilton Garden inn page and have a link to the downtown garden inn. I thought that particular hotel should be a separate page because of the unique architecture and transformation of and old store into a hotel. As a result,it is not the same feel as a standard hotel chain. —scotthendler