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2005-11-27 20:40:03   I could fill the Abandoned section with old home brewing places, at least Cottage Brewing and the place in Northfield Commons. I've hard poor luck with the beer I've made with stuff from Mayers, the stock at Beers of the World seems fresher. —GeorgeHaberberger

2007-01-03 02:51:33   There's a place in Victor on 96 close to Eastview Mall. Anybody know anything about it? —NeilBardhan

2007-01-17 17:38:52   The place in Victor is Sunset Hydroponics and Homebrew. I went out there today to check it out. The selection is pretty lousy as far as grains go. They have a nice selection of equipment (cappers mostly). You could buy HUGE 30lb maybe bags of grains but nothing that was really commonly used. They had 1lb bags of rice and corn and oak chips. The hops are not refridgerated, just sitting in little baskets. I had trouble finding prices. Guy behind the counter was on a phone call and swearing up a storm, he never got off teh phone the whole time I was there and he didn't even really acknowledge my presence. I left without purchasing anything and went to beers of the world. They are always helpful to me there. —DeniseElliott

2007-12-18 16:35:46   Update on Sunset-the manager is very willing to take suggestions and is very interested in providing a better homebrew store, so if you are in there please mention to them what you would like to see available. Hops are refrigerated now and their selection of equipment is outstanding, still needs a little help in the grains/adjuncts department. —DeniseElliott