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The IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers is the professional organization for electrical engineers and computer professionals. It is dedicated to serving the public good and maintaining members' careers through the advancement of the engineering profession. It is the number one worldwide publisher on electrotechnology. The organization sponsors many technical talks in the Rochester Area. Most talks are free to the public. In addition, the members also give scholarships to deserving students pursuing careers in engineering or computer studies.

The meetings are cutting edge technology. Members get meeting notifications in the Rochester Engineer. The organization does not otherwise advertise their meetings. Too bad since they are excellent networking opportunities.

The Section is the process of bringing up a new website which should address this.

As of 2012, the Executive Board met at Shanghai restaurant the first Tuesday of the month, except July. All IEEE members are encouraged to attend.
There is an annual Joint Chapter Meeting, held around March/April, that hosts numerous technical talks by speakers on the various specialties. They are usually at the RIT Inn and Conference Center, and hosts hundreds. Members and non-members alike are welcome to attend, though a fee applies at registration for dinner. Historically, in the late May/early June timeframe, the Section hosts a social event at a different location each year.


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2006-01-25 14:45:24   I was in the IEEE for a while, but wow, the non-student cost of membership is crazy. —FarMcKon