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2190 North Goodman Street, Irondequoit, NY 14609 [Directions] 585 482 4467
Hours (as of March 2021)
Monday - Sunday: 7:00AM to 10:00PM

IHOP (aka International House of Pancakes) is an international chain restaurant, famous for its breakfast offerings, with locations near the Target at Medley Center.


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2008-02-29 03:01:44   I have always loved IHOP. Great food with reasonable prices. 90% of the time the coffee is wonderful. Never go on the weekends. No matter how staffed they are weekends are a nightmare for the employees as well as the patrons. —EllaBeeney

2008-05-16 13:18:42   Awful, if you have to eat at a chain for breakfast, go to the Cracker Barrel. Better yet eat at Jine's, Charlie's Frog Pond, or Hicks and McCarthy. —MrRochester

2008-09-29 16:44:50   Rule #1: Don't go on a weekend, you'll be sorry. If you must, go in the evening. Once you get through here, though, you'll need to IPLOP. —JhirkFace

2012-02-26 18:12:26   HENRIETTA LOCATION: Poor service.....hostess would call you up then say your table really wasn't ready. She did this to a 80+ year old couple who had visible difficulty walking. It was really hard on them to go back, sit and then walk ALL the way to the back room. We won't be back —PeteB

2012-12-27 15:41:45   I had two waitresses, one training the other, and STILL neither made sure that my skillet had no jalapenos! The one girl had time to flirt with the cook, but couldn't fill my drink. I had to get up and do it myself and then everyone looks at me like I'm crazy. —ClarissaBrown

2014-02-18 20:20:01   Some things never change. I was here about a year ago and the service was awful. I figured I'd give them a chance again. Still awful. We came on a cold Tuesday night at 6:15PM. The place was not busy - I figure it was at 1/4 capacity or less. I wanted to try the cheese filled crepes that had been advertised but they are only served in combination platters as an add on. My partner wanted a Healthy choice item but they were out of fruit so she reluctantly ordered a breakfast something. I ordered a combination: eggs, hash brown and a crepe... and we waited... and waited... and watched other customers complain and return food because it was not what they ordered or was the wrong item. At the table near us an elderly couple ordered a cheese omelet. Unfortunately there was no cheese in it. They kept eating hoping to find some. (We could overhear their conversation.)
From my vantage point I could see plates sitting on the heating table in front of the cook for over 20 minutes but they just sat there while the Ms. Greeter/seater/Cashier with the red top talked on her phone. One waitress finally walked over and said "It will be right out" but when she walked back I could hear her mention to the cook "Up". They had not started the order - or worse, maybe it was one of the plates left forgotten on the heater, congealing for 20 minutes.
We decided we'd had enough and tried to find a server so we could cancel the order but no one came. Ms. Greeter/Seater/Cashier was nowhere to be found. I finally walked back into the kitchen area and just told them to forget it. I offered to pay for the coffee but was told no charge. That is one hour of my life I won't get back. As we walked out we found Ms. Greeter/Seater/Cashier standing in a corner talking on her phone. She pretended to be shocked and concerned but we all know this is not the first time. She made no admission of poor service nor made any attempt at apology.
So sad. Does anyone from corporate ever come in unannounced to see how they are doing? I doubt it. I'm done. —ArseneLupin