Internet Access


Internet Access

Rochester area Internet Service Providers and other Internet Access

  1. Internet Access
    1. Fiber
    2. Cable
    3. DSL
    4. Dial-up
    5. Wireless
    6. Development
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2005-07-25 09:35:30   It's pretty clear comparing the prices here to prices in a bigger city, that competition in bigger cities lowers the cost. —FarMcKon

2007-05-21 00:01:28   For those who aren't up-to-the-minute updated on technological advances in internet technologies, instead of using acronyms with no descriptions for wireless technologies, maybe we should explain them a teeny bit more for someone who doesn't keep up-to-date or is less tech-oriented. Or link to an article on it with the basic idea, like we do on WiMAX. I only know what WiMAX is because it's in my textbook from fall semester. —JoannaLicata

2008-03-25 13:35:12   Is anyone reading this using Clearwire? I am curious about its performance. —RudyBang

2008-08-14 23:27:02   added changes to TW rate, added PowerBoost information —PhillipDampier

2010-06-14 13:12:03   Are there any developments on Clearwire? It is well past autumn of 2007, but I am still not able to get service from them. —Ackj