Greenlight Networks

1777 East Henrietta Road, Building A, Suite 120, Rochester, NY 14623
585 351 6600
<sales AT greenlightnets DOT com>
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Greenlight Networks is a high speed internet provider, originally based out of Penfield and now headquartered in Henrietta. They are currently still rolling out fiber based 50Mbps to 2 Gbps service to the Rochester area.


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2014-09-09 11:00:51   These guys have a great product that a lot of people want, but I think they are really losing momentum and enthusiasm from people who want them to roll out faster. They've been around since 2011 and are only in a handful of locations. Verizon FIOS is going to steal all of their potential business before they get off the ground. I've been eagerly anticipating and promoting for them, but at this point have given up on them to ever get this service out to the greater Rochester community. —alexd1234

2015-01-23 17:08:59   We signed up and got connected this morning. This afternoon, the internet stopped working. Problem 1: You can only contact their support by email (or by paper mail), which is hard to do without internet. Problem 2: I went where I could get internet and sent them an email over an hour ago. No response as of yet. I guess their tech support doesn't work weekends or Friday afternoons?

2015-07-27 22:28:18   It's a shame that can't grow fast enough. by the time they can canvas Rochester, we will be covered in a new wireless network like 5G or something that will be faster and more convenient. —mattconheady