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Web Developer in Lima, NY

Position is with Manufacturers Representatives
Posted: 12/7/13

We are a unique small company in Lima, NY and we are seeking a full-time Web Developer to handle a wide variety of website & web related projects. If you are a truly driven person who enjoys creating websites, graphics as well as utilizing SEO, social media, and all of the latest trends, all while in a relaxed and informal environment, this may be the opportunity for you.

Essential Knowledge:

Essential Traits:


To Apply:

To apply, please submit your resume & a well written cover letter of interest via Email to resumes (at) aspwebpro (dot) com. In your letter, please explain your experience level, salary expectations, list any websites you have worked on, and why you think you would be a good fit for this position. Thank you in advance for your interest!

10/8/2012: Request for Qualifications: Bookkeeper Needed

Apply at [WWW]

Ant Hill Cooperative seeks a bookkeeper and submission of qualifications from interested candidates.

Incorporated as a housing cooperative, Ant Hill leases and operates two houses and relets its nine rooms to members. Member residents self-organize, operate the kitchen, conduct work parties, and manage house chores. Our annual budget totals just over $50 000. Please see [WWW] for details.

Successful performance of duties requires
* expertise with double-entry bookkeeping, Gnucash, and Quickbooks
* working with our Treasurer and members in a professional manner
* use of project collaboration software to track and acknowledge timely deliverables.

Deliverables we seek include
* digital ledgers and journals no more than seven calendar days from current
* asset account no more than seven calendar days from current
* receipts accessed, organized, delivered monthly or digitally retrievable, to standards suitable for an annual audit
* monthly invoice and statement for all member accounts due 20th of each month
* monthly summaries of accounts receivable and payable due 3 days before directors meetings
* detailed monthly income statement and balance sheet due 3 days before directors meetings
* detailed and summary annual income statement and balance sheet due 30 days after fiscal year end
* income tax preparation: Internal Revenue Form 1120C and New York Form CT-4 plus related forms and schedules.

We offer
* $40 payable upon monthly deliverables
* $100 payable upon annual deliverables
* member benefits: participation in Ant Hill events, use of house, hot tub, potlucks
* one dinner weekly free
* monthly Ant Hill membership fee, waived
* lifetime NASCO membership fee, paid by Ant Hill

To submit your qualifications and apply, please visit [WWW] and complete your submission. We will close the process and select a candidate after three suitable submissions or October 13, whichever sooner.