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This page is for archiving comments from 2006/2007 for KC Tea & Noodles.

2006-05-22 17:58:20   GREAT bubble tea - just like in Taiwan! —BrentIrvine

2006-05-22 17:58:38   Best Bubble tea in area —BrentIrvine

2006-06-11 13:23:15   My own sister being a bubble tea addict ($5 on a sippy drink every day is, yes, an addiction) I was a bit amused to see this place open. Their food's greasy (much like 99%% of ROC 'Chinese' places) and the bubble-to-liquid ratio is quite embarrassing, if you've had the real thing. But hey, I'm all for the mom-and-pop establishments (you can't get me to go into a Starbucks voluntarily). I'd say to anyone who hasn't tried bubble, go for it (and try not to choke), and if "Chinese" (read: Americanized) food is your thing this place can't be beat for cheap eats (see description above). —ChristineLeo

2006-06-22 18:04:03   I've been here a few times. They have really great food, it's in a great location and the prices are decent. I'd honestly recommend KC to anyone. —RickUrwin

2006-06-23 10:01:12   Tip to bubble tea fanatics: Ask for "extra bubbles" in your tea, and they'll give them to you for a mere .25 cents extra :) —GreenBrenana

2006-08-28 09:47:51   Being originally from California (where bubble tea is most popular), I'm happy knowing that KC has bubble tea to soothe my cravings— and good bubble tea at that! The noodle dishes are also very tasty; I had pan-fried egg noodles with seafood— so good that I polished off the whole thing, considering they give you a huge amount of food. —CatherineConnolly

2006-08-29 12:31:41   I've only had one bad experience at KC Tea & Noodles, when they used an overripe avocado to make an avocado soy milkshake. But the food is usually good, and the Bubble Tea is almost always fantastic. —AdamDurand

2006-10-16 20:06:44   Just came back from there, their food is great, even the sushi isn't bad if you need something quick. Also they probably have the cheapest chicken wings in the area at $3 for 10 wings. —TravisOwens

2006-12-03 03:31:49   Went to stop by today and there was a closed sign and brown paper covering the windows. I really hope they are just remodeling or moving to a new location. —RickUrwin

2006-12-03 09:53:09   The owner told me they are moving into a new location at Monroe and Goodman —EastSideStephen

2007-01-22 15:08:45   it's reopened ,same location —ChrisLee

2007-02-04 18:33:16   Anyone know what their big thick noodles are called? You know what I mean if you've gone there, the big, fat, huge noodles. I went there since they reopened and they've changed their menu - I don't know what those noodles are called anymore! —IsaacVanDuyn

2007-02-05 09:13:37   The noodles may be greasy but they have some of the best udon soup I have had outside nyc. —NjTourist

2007-02-19 23:19:14   I must have misheard. They are actually opening another restaurant on Goodman by Monroe, in the building that used to be Paradise Alley. —EastSideStephen

2007-02-20 21:14:31   the noodles are oh so terribly greasy and the bubble tea is okay at best. i would rather go down the street to Esan to get the Drunken Master Noodles. —OneLove

2007-03-21 20:39:32   Try a hot coconut milk with bubbles. DELICIOUS!!!! —AutumnMarie

2007-03-23 07:49:39   I agree with OneLove, the noodles here are so greasy that they are a feat to eat. I think this place has two flavors, greasy or watery. The bubble tea is marginal at best, and not very flavorful. Save yourself some $$ and go get the tapioca Pearls from Lee's Oriental grocery and make your bubble tea at home. —KimBee

2007-05-17 02:59:58   I had never cared for KC Tea & Noodles in the past. It rarely crossed my mind as a dining option. Meanwhile, I've stopped in at their new location twice in the past week, and I have been blown away each time. The new building they've set up shop in is great, the staff is incredibly friendly, and the interior is beautiful—huge potential (liquor license pending?). I guess word hasn't spread yet, as the restaurant was still fairly empty this evening, but I expect that this place will be taking off in the near future. This evening I had the best sushi that I've found in Rochester so far, no joke—in terms of straight sushi, not rolls, I see things like this: California Rollin < Shiki < Plum House < KC Tea and Noodles. My only standing complaint at this point is that things still seem a bit disorganized, and a steep language barrier exists with some of the staff (miso soup != seaweed salad & red snapper—though the salad was delicious and so I went with it). I do not doubt things will change for the better. A+ —RobertPolyn

2007-05-18 02:33:12   Plum House is better than Shiki?!? Balderdash! RobertPolyn, I hereby challange you to dual. —WegmansFiend

2007-06-04 15:20:05   I had horrible service on a visit this past weekend. It seemed our waitress had never waited on a table before, making mistakes almost as often as she was given the opportunity to do so. When we sent back a dish we found unsatisfactory and didn't eat (something I haven't done in years), the owner refused to take it off of our bill! She stood there arguing with us in the middle of the restaurant! Unreal. I understand that bad service happens once-in-a-while, but the restaurant owner was given the opportunity to make it right, and she failed to do so. —EastSideStephen

2007-06-04 23:57:20   Have been to the location on Goodman twice for the sushi, and it is quite excellent. I especially like their chirashi (sashimi on rice), as well as their sushi rolls. The waitress on my second visit was a bit scatterbrained, but otherwise not too many complaints on the service— everyone was pleasant and friendly. —CatherineConnolly

2007-06-05 21:11:07   The only redeeming thing about my recent visit was the bubble tea. Everything else was a disaster from the food to the service. The steamed dumplings came served in a pool of water and I had soy sauce dumped in my lap. —FattyFatFat

2007-07-03 09:39:31   If you want the authentic Taiwan bubble tea, go to Ming's noodle. They just started doing bubble tea and smoothies with Konjac jelly. It's so much better than KC tea. I do remember they'll be closed for vacation for a month. You can try west lake oriental store if you do travel to that area. They too sell decent bubble tea. —AliceChang

2007-07-04 16:01:24   Ming's I or II? I frequent Ming's II on Monroe often and it would be nice if they did it there too. —RichardSarkis

2007-07-10 19:36:06   I tried the bubble tea at Chopsticks restaurant and it's so much better than KC. The tapioca is chewy and sweet and I can actually taste the tea. They even use a shaker and make it fresh after I ordered it. If you a bubble tea lover, you should definitely go try Chopsticks'. Their food is also delicious (and CHEAP!!) after they change the new owner/chef. —RustyLopez

2007-07-10 19:40:45   Ming I and II both have bubble tea but I only tried Ming I and it's decent. —AliceChang

2007-07-15 16:35:11   Tried the sushi at the Goodman location [The interior is vastly superior to the one on Park Ave. Open, airy, spacious and calming layout. Gotta love the off street parking]. They were in between sushi chefs and the one filling in could only do basic rolls. We tried the California Snow, California, Spicy Tuna and Boston rolls. They were surprisingly good. In my opinion, while the sushi was not on par with Tokyo, it was definitely better than California Rollin, Plum Garden and Plum House.

My friend tried the noodle soup and it was good. Someone else tried the pan fried noodles. We had to send it back because the noodles tasted 'raw' [perhaps it is the inherent taste of spinach noodles?] and they were very polite about exchanging it for a different dish. Quite unfortunately, the pan fried noodles remain terribly greasy.

I will be back for the sushi and the much improved service...not so much for the pan fried noodles. The new sushi chef starts 07.16.2007 —OneLove

2007-11-04 19:09:31   KC has the best bubble tea in town! I especially love Mango, Banana, and the Lemon Kiwi flavors! —AmyVball