Kelly's Apple Farm

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611 Old Wilder Road, Hilton NY 14468 [Directions]
Hours: August 28th-December 24th
Monday - Friday: 12:00PM to 6:00PM
Saturday, Sunday 9:00AM to 6:00PM
585 392 8102

Kelly's Apple Farm is a fruit farm in Hilton. Their apple pies are featured at the Hilton Apple Fest. The cider (per NYS law) is now UV pasturized. They usually have a roaring fire in their stone fireplace and the barn is filled with antiques (some pieces are for sale). The fruit boards, and Pumpkin Pie are a notable favorite. The pumpkin patch is a great place to bring the kids.


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2007-10-11 15:00:34   Website doesn't work. Might visit this weekend, so maybe I can ask. —ErinPence

2007-10-21 20:39:14   As of today, website appears to be held by a squatter. Language and setup does not appear to be entirely appropriate for Kelly's Apple Farm.

Phone number does NOT have answering machine - next time I go, I'll get the hours and post to the wiki.

Apple cider is *UV pasturized*, rather than heat pasturized - The original flavor is still there, just muted a little bit. —TpSuhr

2008-09-20 13:12:48   Correct; that is not their website. I'm not sure if they have one, but can ask. The hours posted are not correct: it's Sat and Sun 9 -6 and weekdays 12 - 6. This is from late August through December. The cider (per NYS law) is now UV pasturized, but it tastes as great as it always did. They usually have a roaring fire in their stone fireplace and the barn is filled with antiques (some pieces are for sale). Kelly's has pretty much kept it's original look, which helps preserve it's old time charm. It's a quaint place to take the family on a crisp fall day. Cider making demonstrations are held during the weekends. And the breads and pies are to die for! —Ms.Wilson

2009-11-08 17:32:55   I have been a loyal customer at Kelly's for years, but have never been so disappointed in the most famous Kelly's Crumb Apple Pie until my visit and purchase on 11/08/09. Apparently the pie was not cooked properly. I say this because the sugars and other spices were not mixed in. I could tell this because when I cut into the pie you could see all the lumps of them. Also you needed to serve the pie with a spoon because the crust would not seperate from the pie pan. The pie was also very pricey and as I said before I have never been so disappointed in a pie before. I look forward to hearing back from you, ASAP. Thank You

2011-08-23 20:21:15   We went last year and had a nice time....

2013-11-06 12:09:50   Used to love this place for its charm, but now hate it for its business practices. This October, we stopped to buy a half gallon of cider, a half-peck of apples, and one box of donut holes to share with our family (4 adults, 2 young kids). While the merchant admits that the charges should have been $14, our credit card was charged $74. The merchant refuses to issue a refund for the overcharged amount. The store was crowded, the cashier was distracted and having trouble working the register, and her mistake of hitting one wrong button now costs us an extra $60. Buyer beware. —jw115

"2016-10-18 19:31:18"   Kelly's Apple farm was a pretty good place being a local so since I was pretty young we would get Apple pies from there because after all isn't that what they are most known for among other things like the scenery with the "antiques" & pumpkins around fall/ Halloween time ! Well now being a mother myself I decided to take my son who is three years old there for some pumpkins , Apple cider & a cookie...we took our time seeing as being there with my child he was excited to look at all of the pumpkins which to my surprise there wasn't that many and the ones that were not rotting in the crates were not much of a selection at all. After eating our treats and Purchasing our pumkins we needed paper bags to load them all into our vehicle because the pumpkins were dirty not unusual after noticing that they had no more paper bags I went inside and asked A guy working inside if I could please have a few more bags to load the dirty pumpkins not wanting our vehicle to get dirty after all isn't that what the bags are placed there for ? The guy handed me about 12 paper bag I put 3 bags aside and with my hands being full I needed to make a few trips from the store to the car so as I continued to the car the guy who handed me the bags comes literally running after me telling at me in front of my son ! Accusing me of trying to steal paper bags and grabs them from me and a few baskets that I had purchased about 5 mins prior and as I'm being literally yelled at and accused I said please listen I was NOT stealing anything at all these bags are the bags I need to go back and Finnish putting my 4 other pumpkins I had already purchased in ..well he continued to accuse me saying very nasty things being very accusatory at me I just about cried ! Long story short we won't be visiting there again sadly ! As I went to go collect the rest of the items out front I had already paid for the guy stands inside the glass door staring at me as if I was some sort of thief...I had to go back into the store to re purchase a cookie that my son had dropped and there's the guy starting with me again ! Unbelievable...very disappointed can't say I have ever been treated like that before and for what ?!? I had done Nothing at all. —chelci