Lady In White


The Lady In White (aka White Lady) is a well-known haunting in local lore. Many variations regarding the specifics of her story exist. The central theme is the soul of a grieving mother that can be seen at times searching the Durand-Eastman Park beach and park for those responsible for her daughter's disappearance and/or for the daughter's body. One variation on the story includes two spectral hounds that accompany the Lady on her search. Some versions assert the Lady can be glimpsed at nightfall, rising out of one of the small ponds near the edge of Lake Ontario. The daughter's age and the nature of her disappearance varies with the telling as well. In some versions, she is a teenager who runs away with a lover, but he turns on her and kills her. In others, she is raped and murdered by one or more local brigands.

Contrary to many stories that have been circulating, the "White Lady's Castle" wall is just the remnants of an old refectory (dining hall), a popular eatery for pre-Depression era vacationers who would often come from near and far to spend entire summers on the lake shore. It was possibly named Three Lakes Pavilion. This information was verified with Patricia Wayne, current Irondequoit town historian. It is NOT the remnants of the White Lady's house, an old insane asylum, or a retaining wall that housed canons despite some people's insistence on adhering to these fabricated stories. The refectory failed during the Great Depression, and over the years the wooden structure that once sat atop the wall succumbed to vandalism and arson. All that remains is the Spanish fort-style wall, which looks much like a castle wall.

Unfortunately, despite the efforts of current Irondequoit town historian Patricia Wayne and historians before her, there are no records that match any details of the stories. Though the story can't be verified, there are numerous sightings every year of the infamous Lady in White.

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2010-03-21 19:48:49   Most believe she is searching for her lost daughter, who in some stories is kidnapped and killed and in other variations she runs off with a young lover to escape her overbearing mother. Some variations of the story state that she has two spectral hounds, either German Shepherds or Dobermans, who accompany her. The Lady in White has been seen outside of the park and beach areas, including on the local golf course, in the Irondequoit Cemetery, and as far as Ridge Road. —rcgw

2012-09-03 16:17:00   The story is wrong. The real castle is located at St.Paul street and Upper falls Blvd and the walls still remain.
Legend has it, she can still be seen applying for welfare right next door !
Rochestarians love to keep the remains of a thriving city that once was productive.
Most would call these remnants giant tombstones of a once well operated city now run from extorsion,lies and drugs.R.I.P —N2NXZ