Latta-Meech House

4437 Lake Avenue, Rochester, NY 14612
Commercial and nonprofit
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Charlotte Community Development Corporation

The Latta-Meech House is an historic building in Charlotte. Located at the center of the old Village of Charlotte, it is believed to be the second-oldest structure in Monroe County after the Stone-Tolan House. It was built for pioneer Samuel Latta, for whom nearby Latta Road is named. Upon his death in 1827, the house was passed on to his daughter Esther Latta Deyo. It stayed in the family until Deyo sold it to Sanford and Sarah Meech in 1872. Their son, John Meech, the property's next owner, was president of the Charlotte Coal Company. After he died in 1940 his wife Jennie Judd Meech lived in the house until her own death in 1960. Its next owner was Dr. Erastus Edward Strobino, a beloved physician who had been practicing out of the building since 1938.

In 2012 the Charlotte Community Development Corporation purchased the home from BEF Enterprises and renovated it to be a visitors' center. Also includes a business called Ma'ama Tee's Cookin' & Catering. The building still boasts its original hand-hewn beams, tree timbers, and handmade nails.

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