Malik D. Evans

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Birth name Aliases
Malik D. Evans None
Birth date Birth place
1979 or 1980 Rochester, New York
Date of death Place of death
Known for
City school board (president), City Council
Finance, Politician

Mayoral primary victory, 2021:
On June 22, 2021, Mr. Evans defeated incumbent mayor Lovely A. Warren 66% to 34% in the Democratic Party mayoral primary.
Mayoral election victory, 2021:
On November 2, 2021, Mr. Evans won the mayoral election, unchallenged by any organized party candidate. He is scheduled to be sworn in as the 71st mayor of Rochester. Note that as of this election day, Lovely_A._Warren is the 69th mayor, but she is expected to resign and be replaced by Deputy Mayor James Smith, so Evans will be #71.

Sworn in as Mayor, 2022:
Mr. Evans was sworn in as the 71st mayor of Rochester, New York on January 1, 2022 (including interim mayors). ([wikipedia]List of mayors of Rochester)


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