Lovely A. Warren


Birth name Aliases
Lovely Ann Warren None
Birth date Birth place
July 1, 1977 Rochester, New York
Date of death Place of death
Known for
Mayor of Rochester
First Woman Mayor
Lawyer, Politician
[wikipedia]Lovely A. Warren

Lovey is the 67th and current Mayor of Rochester, New York. She was previously the President of the Rochester City Council. She is the first woman to serve as mayor of Rochester.

Her administration immediately faced issue which her Grandfather dying the week of being sworn in to office. There was controversy with the disclosure of her husband's juvenile arrest record, conflict of interest questions involving her corporation counsel, an ethics investigation into her creating a security detail and hiring her uncle, which followed her uncle being stopped on the Thruway for speeding twice.

""The speeding controversy:""
Several days after Warren's visit to Albany for the State of the State address, an Albany newspaper reported that her car had been pulled over for doing 97 miles an hour but was not ticketed. Warren's uncle—who is also her security guard and in the middle of a nepotism investigation—was driving. Warren initially would not comment on the stop, then eventually said that he was doing "maybe over 80 but not more than 90". Warren denied that they were stopped on the way down to Albany, only on the way back. While there was still some chatter on the media and on social media about why anyone doing 97 miles per hour was let go, it was reported that they were indeed also stopped on the way down. Not long after, the city ethics committee investigated, admonished Warren's uncle suspended him without pay. Warren then held an interview in which she blamed the early troubles of her administration on a combination of her being distracted by her grandfather's death and opposition in the media trying to bring her down.

She also approved many projects included CityGate and getting a grocery store in downtown Rochester.


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