Meliora Challenge


The Meliora Challenge is the University of Rochester's historic $1.2 billion comprehensive campaign. The launch of the public phase was announced by President Joel Seligman on October 21, 2011. By then, over $759 million had been raised from donors, including Tom Golisano. The nucleus ("quiet") phase was in fact begun in 2005, at the start of Seligman's administration.

The University plans to have the $1.2 billion raised by June 2016. As the first fundraising campaign to involve the entire University of Rochester - from the Eastman School of Music to the Medical Center - its priorities are reflected in the four tenets of UR's mission: learn, discover, heal, and create.

The Meliora Challenge is not simply limited to the above, however — in fact, these initiatives only represent a sample of what is possible.

Donors will be sought from the UR community near and far - alumni, employees, students, faculty, and anyone else with a connection to UR. Foundations and corporations will also be approached. Strategies include one-on-one conversations with potential donors, plus public appeals.

The name "Meliora Challenge" comes from the University of Rochester's motto, "Meliora," which is Latin for "Ever Better."

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