Napa Wood Fired Pizzeria/Comments


This page is for comments prior to 2010 when new ownership took over Napa Wood Fired Pizzeria.

2007-09-22 22:38:08   Just like the original location, you get custom-made Pizza's...I had the Parma- Proscuitto, Reggianno, Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto, Figs, Goat Cheese & Mozzarella. Wife had the Spinachoe- White Cream Sauce w/ Spinach, Artichokes & Cheddar. PHENOMENAL!!PeteB

2007-12-20 10:51:19   Went here last night for dinner and had a great meal. Started with the twice baked potatoes which were tasty, but they could have used some cracked black pepper on the top. Had the Rustica pizza w/sweet pancetta, shrimp, tomato sauce, basil, onion, and roasted red pepper. Also had the B.S.T. which had smoked bacon, spinach and cherry tomatoes with fresh mozzarella. We will definitely be back!! It's a small place, so once this place gets popular, be ready for a longish wait. —MarcVera

2007-12-20 14:41:18   I also ate there last night.

The food was ok, I had a Chicken panini and Tuscan Bean soup. Neither had much flavor, but it wasnt an awful meal. My friends enjoyed their pizzas, guess I should have stuck with the namesake.

The place is very low brow, so just expect a typical pizzeria type place with servers. We sat at the rear table (practically in the kitchen) and I recommend the owner put up glass or plexi-glass (tacky) between the open kitchen and dining room. I could hear what the chefs were saying (not all professional) and hear every paper tablecloth rip from the kitchen. "How was your day Sal... rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipppppppppppppppp While the owner tried to make a decent looking place, he forgot some key (more expensive) features that would have made it a better dining experience. —MrRochester

2008-05-27 22:40:56   Some of the best pizza I've ever eaten was at the Victor location that has since closed down. I have had the pizza at the existing location and I must say that, though it is incredible pizza, it lacks something the Victor one had...a zesty sauce. I was told by an inside source that they no longer put crushed red pepper in the sauce. Biv, if you read this, please heed my words. —TomScahillIV

2008-06-21 20:00:57   Wife and I went last night. I had my BBQ Chicken Pizza and she had her Spinachoke. Completely satisfied!PeteB

2008-07-06 16:45:01   Wasn't very impressed - we've tried it twice now and just was not that thrilled. I even threw away my left over pizza. The sauce was so bland, and they never seem to get my order right. Oh, how we miss Ciao..... —DGandDJ

2008-07-31 17:18:14   We have eaten here a few times over past month. Have a very wide pizza selection (if you don't want pizza though you may be dissapointed). Except for one way over cooked pizza during lunch, food has been very good. Recommend the Asparagus and Corn Salad with Goat Cheese and the Cubano pizza - ham, pulled pork, cheese, pesto cream sauce, onions, and an awesome mustard (i think) sauce drizzled on top. We tried several other items but seem to always return to these two. Highly Recommended. —PhilSchmitt

2008-09-19 15:06:54   Absolutely incredible menu - eclectic and varied. Probably the best Bistro type dining in the entire area - its way more than pizza. —MarcusKroll

2008-11-24 13:43:26   Ate at the reopened Victor location Saturday night. Had our usuals—BBQ Chicken Pizza for me and the Spinachoke for my wife. LOVE IT!!PeteB

2009-01-30 16:44:59   Victor location is still open, but for sale: [WWW]

2009-06-11 23:10:11   I'd give this place a solid ONE out of FIVE. Here's a summary of my first visit. There won't be another.
1. We had a reservation and showed up at an empty restaurant. They put us in the back, next to the kitchen where it was dark and stuffy. There was no shortage of tables near the window. It really wouldn't have been hard to put a few tables together and seat us near the window.
2. Our waiter spilled my beer all over my pants. Then she brought me a flat beer. The best part was that they went ahead and charged us for the three quarters of a flat beer.
3. They got our order wrong. Granted the waiter was apologetic.
4. The food was mediocre at best. Definitely not worth the drive out (we came from Rochester).

I won't be going back. —VikramManjunath

2009-11-21 10:59:18   The Fairport location does not have a full bar, it's beer and wine only. In all candor I wish the decor was a little nicer; you can tell you're in a strip mall. We always enjoy our meals here. The food is really fresh and well prepared. The four cheese pizza is truly outstanding and their version of greens and beans is among the best I've had. It's a perfect menu for sharing. Portions range from small to generous; you server will advise you if you have questions. Every time we go we try new things and that's because the menu is so inviting. —wdrazek