Nathaniel Square Corner Store

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nathanielsquarecornerstore.jpgNathaniel Square Corner Store. Photo by NeilBardhan

495 South Avenue, Rochester NY, 14620 [Directions]
Hours (as of April 2011 per Website)
Monday - Friday: 7:00AM to 10:00PM
Saturday: 9:00AM to 10:00PM
Sunday: 9:00AM to 8:00PM
(585) 325-1150
Wheelchair Accessible
<info AT nathanielsquare DOT com>

Nathaniel Square Corner Store is a convenience store with over 200 beers along with four draft-beer lines. It is located on South Avenue.

Their [WWW]stated philosophy is as follows: "We believe in Rochester. We believe in our great little neighborhood and all of our neighbors in the South Wedge. We believe in having a huge variety of craft beer from around the country and the world and keeping most of it cold. We like fresh, we like local, we like American made. Come down and see us, our staff can help you pick out some great brews to take home with you. Locally owned, locally minded, always here to serve you."


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2009-05-22 10:27:25   New neighborhood corner grocery opened in the Wedge by the owner of John's Tex Mex. Stock is a little sparse at the moment but I presume it will be expanded. Liquor license is pending but they eventually will feature craft beers. —jjjingleheimer

2009-08-22 19:01:53   Now serving breakfast sandwiches. —MarenMcCoy

2009-12-14 16:51:50   Fantastic Beer selection! —GeorgeBluth

2010-07-08 13:08:06   Hands down, the best microbrew selection in town. —Button

2010-07-11 08:56:19   We're obsessed with the breakfast burritos! (going to get some when the store opens in 6 minutes...) And they are veg friendly... the tofu scramble is awesome. —MichaelAvery

2011-05-05 07:48:04   This place is pretty great. We got tofu scrambles a while ago and it was really good. Also, Vegan Wednesday rocks! We just got dinner from here yesterday, a buffalo seitan sandwich and a seitan philly. It was awesome! We couldn't believe that we had that sort of dinner in Rochester of all places! —BrianHahn

2011-06-02 18:53:22   Not only is the beer top notch, the vegan Wednesday is fantastic as well! Got the Buffalo Seitan and was in heaven. —GeorgeBluth

2012-03-19 19:54:14   Heard rumors that they no longer offer vegan food. Can anyone confirm? —PebbleWiki

2012-03-21 08:22:24   Vegan Wednesday is no more. Not sure about their breakfast/tofu scramble type stuff they were doing prior to VW. :( Beer is still there though. ;) —BrianHahn

2012-10-07 19:17:18   Probably the best corner store I've had. Wish their sandwich service stayed open, though. They would've been a nice complement to the newly-open Harry G's. —bammerburn

2016-10-12 16:17:16   I never knew anything about this place - always thought it was just a dive corner store. Went in there a couple of months back and it's great! They had a great beer tasting going on. Really cool place. —DE