One Nightclub & Ultra Lounge

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1 Ryan Alley, Rochester NY, 14607
Hours (as of November 2012)
Thursday - Saturday: 10:00PM to 2:00AM
585 546 1010
Wheelchair Accessible
Info Needed
<info AT oneryan DOT com>

One Nightclub and Ultra Lounge is a night club and lounge in the Lower East End. They also have a restaurant called The Grill at One.


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2007-09-23 11:07:46   Wow! Beautiful place! Definitely stop by One. It is lovely. A great place for drinks, a tapas-style menu, very attractive. We will be back for sure. —CindyKin

2007-09-25 11:47:42   One is beautiful. Cohen and Tompkins did a nice job on the place. It brings Tonic and the original Pearl back to the East End. I have sorely missed a decent bar to go to in a long time. When the upstairs open it should be even better, the place was so packed the other night, I could barely walk. —MrRochester

2007-10-12 10:07:43   Had dinner there last night and enjoyed it. The service was great, good food, and the atmosphere was relaxing. One gave me a "I am not in Rochester" feeling. Well done. —DanDangler

2007-11-12 11:16:30   I was taken to One a few weeks back on the premise of it being a restaurant. Unfortunately that is not the case. They serve food but it's only OK. The table seating along the railing puts the bar drinkers elbows right on your table so don't expect this to be anything more than a place to grab a bit to eat while you're waiting for the next round. The music was dance club loud and not even remotely conducive to eating. The host was unnecessarily arrogant and our waiter was completely ignorant of their menu. On the other hand, I must agree with the previous comments. The place really does look great. I can definitely see myself going back for drinks, just not for food. It is the perfect fit for the area. —ZedOmega

2007-11-18 19:30:09   I went here this weekend for drinks with a friend. It was really nice looking inside, and the martinis we ordered were delicious (and delivered by a cute bartender!) The crowd wasn't really my style though, so I'm not sure I would regularly stop by. Maybe on those nights when I bother getting super dressed up for a night out in Rochester. :) —SaraChristine

2008-01-31 16:55:24   We ate dinner here in October 2007. It is beautiful inside, the drinks are top notch (and expensive) and the service is excellent. Everything on the menu looked good, but what arrived at our table was not up to my expectations based on the atmosphere and the price. I ordered the foie gras simply because there aren't many places that serve it in Rochester, I should have known better. —ZahraLangford

2008-02-23 20:49:17   We did not read the other reviews here before going, but our experience was similar. The place is great looking, they really did a nice job with the decor. Cool bar for having a cocktail with friends. We had dinner, and while nothing was bad, it simply didn't impress us. For $110 (2 starters, 2 salads, 2 entrees, 3 glasses of wine, that's before tip) you can do better (we'd head to the Park Ave Pub for a nice dinner before coming here again for that amount). Service was pleasant for us, except for one minor glitch, they took our sliver away with our starter plates, then served us salads without returning it (this was quickly corrected). —DottieHoffmann

2008-10-16 11:17:25   Great place. Very nice, modern atmosphere. Food is excellent. Seared Ahi Tuna appetizer is a must have. —ChampsElysses

2009-01-06 20:28:28   Beautiful atmosphere, but way over-priced! Oh, and I also saw Foie Gras on the menu here. Clearly, ethics is not an issue here! —TrishHeckmann

2009-03-03 14:46:38   See One for previous revisions prior to March 3, 2009. —BradMandell

2009-04-20 16:51:33   My experience at One last Friday night was a tale of two meals. We went very early (5pm) to catch the K-Hawks game later that night. We were one of two couples in the restaurant, and I have to say that the wait staff was very attentive. Our waters were being refilled at the perfect pace. Our waiter, however, came off as a little stiff and was almost stand-offish. The place, of course, is beautiful. I loved the decor. Now to the food: Had the calamari appetizer, which was hands-down the best calamari I have ever had. It was in a lemon-orange sauce and there were candied oranges for garnish. The portion was generous and the price (12) reasonable. We also got the pizza du jour, which was garlic-oil base with shrimp and roasted red peppers. This, quite frankly, was terrible. It was burnt, flavorless, and skimpy on the shrimp and pepper toppings. For my entree, I got the cod (shame on me, getting cod at a restaurant) with capers over potatoes. Everything in this dish was over salted. It was almost inedible. My girlfriend got the NY Strip Steak, which she absolutely loved, and the smashed red potatoes that it came with were delicious. We also got a side of fries which were, to put it mildly, disgusting. They were drizzled with something brown (some kind of barbecue sauce?) and just completely unappetizing. Overall, I would definitely try this place out again and try some different menu options (getting the calamari again, of course). The prices really weren't that bad and the portions were pretty generous. 7/10 in my book. —mooster42000

2009-05-14 14:02:20   Went here earlier this week with my partner and loved it. Had the calamari, which was stunning. I could eat it everyday. We also had the french onion soup and the pork sliders. Loved the fries with the balsamic reduction drizzled over the top. The cocktail I had was delicious. I would go back in heartbeat. —MarcVera

2009-05-15 22:40:42   Not sure what to make of this place. The food is decent and the price is not too bad (the calamari is to die for though, best I've ever had!). The atmosphere and ambiance are great. The first time we went, it was a good experience. Tonight - a total train wreck. We had reservations at 7:30 but had to fight to get seated at 8pm when there were several tables available! It made no sense. The "manager" there was absolutely the rudest, most unprofessional person I've ever encountered in that type of restaurant. The couple seated next to us had a similarly bad experience (bad enough that they were joking about it with total strangers - us!). Our server was clumsy and not very attentive. The icing on the cake was fire alarm going off! Thank god we were leaving by then. We will give it another try, but tonight left a very bad taste in our mouths. —AutumnMarie

2009-05-20 13:40:39   Have been twice. First for dinner, which was fine. Service was good, food was fine—nothing too noteworthy here. Second for drinks, another pretty nice time. It's interesting b/c the space there is so big with nice ambiance, loud house music playing.... you'd expect a younger crowd filling up the dance floor. However, the times I went the crowd was on the older side and there weren't nearly as many people there that the size allows. This has the potential to be a really lively spot, maybe more people need to hear about it? Also, that could just be the occasions in which I went. —Leisel

2009-05-21 21:40:47   I come to One often and am usually very impressed. The drinks are not cheap, but they are made generously. I have only eaten the Calamari, which was fantastic. They just opened the upstairs portion of the establishment. Be sure to take a look, it's amazing! Otherwise the ambiance and the crowd are usually to my liking, nice mixed crowd and good music. —LyndonMeyer

2009-06-03 11:15:47   ONE is my go-to. I have been there for both dinner, and the nightlife. The decor and ambiance is the type of places Rochester needs. Drinks are a little more expensive than most East End bars, but they are strong and delicious, and they don't come in a plastic cup!!! They have a great martini selection. I've had an array of things off of the drink and dinner menus and have yet to find something to complain about. The staff is wonderful,outgoing, attentive and knowledgeable. I love sitting at the bar for apps or desserts and drinks.

The new upstairs is amazing as well. The deck is very nice and the dance floor is a plus- because having SoHo and Vinyl as the only places to dance, was getting very very old.

My only gripe is since the grand-opening of the deck the line to get in the door has been insane( which is great for ONE, but annoying for the patron), not to mention you are standing in a road, and cars drive through the alley nearly hitting people. Once you get in on weekends upstairs is so crowded and there is quite the wait for drinks ( no ones fault, just very crowded) I've noticed the crowd they have drawn is much younger and not as "classy", I think raising the $3cover will filter the crowd somewhat. Currently, ONE has the cheapest cover in the city I think, and it is the nicest bar— Doesn't really make sense.

ONE is right on, and I hope it stays that way!! I don't want to see it turn into the next SoHo.

Overall- thumbs up ONE! —TerraKeller

2009-08-21 04:20:58   I've had dinner there quite a few times having great luck with service and the atmosphere. The service was kind every time from the door service and vallet, to the meal and service there of. My only wish, was the communication of the nightclub atmosphere downstairs changing rapidly from dinner, to nightclub with a flip of a switch. Other than that, nice to see something different arising in the midst of a very young crowd for the rest of rochester that can afford to enjoy more than an Appleby's. —Murphy76

2009-12-25 19:02:31   This is the closest to a NYC club you are going to find in town. Saturday night is the house music party and it is the most fun you can have before your clothes come off. Finally we have a venue with house music and a crowd to appreciate it. With SoHo taking a turn for the worse (bummer) and Pearl not drawing a crowd, this club is now my first and only stop on the weekends. The place is beautiful and the sound system is second to none. Friday nights are when you want to be there if you are more into the hip-hop and top 40. Always a good time. Everyone is there to have fun and it seems like no one is trying to start any trouble. —JohnBugajski

2010-02-28 18:14:45   We had a really nice dinner here last night. All the staff did a great job, our server was terrific. It was 7 pm so probably early for a place like this, it was about half full. We sat along the rail behind the bar area, but since few people were at the bar, it wasn't an issue. I can see how it might be a problem if the bar area were packed. Everything we had was top notch and we can be kinda picky about food especially when we have high expectations and are paying the price. Our meals fully met expectations, this certainly isn't a cheap place, but we felt that the price matched the quality of the food and service. —DottieHoffmann

2010-06-25 22:47:54   Great place, a true stand-out in ROC. I >>>pray<<< that they keep the trash out. I would hate to see them ruin this gem like other places. —vargas37

2010-08-08 12:09:46   We were trying to figure out a place to go to last night (Saturday) to have some drinks and some fun and decided to check out One. We asked the bouncer what the cover was and then discussed if we wanted to go in or not. We were standing near the door next to the wall. All of a sudden the bouncer starts screaming at us, "Get out of the way! Hug the wall! Don't you idiots see the car! Do you want to get run over?" There was a car turning out of a parking onto the street. We were clearly not in the way. We were all startled by his screaming and didn't move and the car got by just fine. There was absolutely no reason for him to be so rude when he could have easily said, "Hey guys heads up, there's a car coming." We obviously decided not to go due to his blatant rudeness and we will not be going back. Any place that is going to be that rude to their customers before even stepping foot inside does not deserve my money. —cuterocky

2010-09-06 18:00:35   Club was a blast this past weekend. Music was great with a cool vibe and the lights were so intense. It was great. Drinks were kind of pricey but worth it. overall a really fun time and diverse crowd and the roof deck is an unique part of the place, lots of room to hang out , dance, whatever. Heard the food is really good too, next time I'll come earlier and check out the restaurant. But yeah overall a great time, def recommend it. —Mattmaroso

2010-12-23 08:29:19   Have been here a few times to eat recently and been really impressed. I felt like in the past I had been disappointed by the food. I'm not sure if they got a new chef but the last 3 times I have been here everything is AWESOME. Their calamari is the best in town, the short ribs are amazing, so are the sliders, the tuna roll, and the crab salad. Food is really reasonable, atmosphere is great, service is always really attentive. I would highly recommend!!! —goldengirl217

2011-03-19 21:46:18   Went to One tonight for dinner. Ordered the Calamari salad, "One" Sliders and Wagon wheel pasta. This is my third time here having the sliders and tonight was quite disappointing. The meat on the burgers was very skimpy and dry, almost burnt compared to prior visits. And most disappointing, is the change in the rolls. They used to be on a very yummy bun, now they are on a firmer ciabatta type roll. They used to serve 4 sliders and now there are only 3. The balsamic drizzled fries were super yummy and still outstanding. The wagon wheel pasta was delicious, but the portion size seemed to be cut in 1/2 from prior visits. Overall, the food was good, but not as I remembered and hoped for. —lilBiscotti

2011-07-05 14:53:33   Have been here several times and our recent visit was at best 50/50. Wife had salad and I got a pasta app. that was great. My pork dish was very good. My wife had a chicken dish that was really close to being uneatable, tasted like bad oil. The wait staff asked if we wanted it replaced but by that time my wife had really lost desire to wait another 1/2 hour. We were comped 2 strawberry short cakes (excellent) and given a Very Sorry. Check came, be careful. As good as my pasta app. was. $26.00 is waaaay out there for a dish of pasta. Be sure to ask and avoid the big surprise. —almorinelli