Otto Henderberg Park


Surrounded by Avon Place, Fountain Street, and Sycamore Street

Otto Henderberg Park is a park in Swillburg. This small neighborhood green space features a monument to Cab Calloway.

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In the 1960s, Swillburg was slated to be divided right down the middle by a proposed extension of the Genesee Expressway. An impassioned fight ensued, with Swillburg neighbors determined to prevent the center of their community from being paved over by four lanes of asphalt. In 1975, they finally won their battle, but not before some 40 houses had been demolished.

The cleared land was turned into Otto Henderberg Square, in honor of the longtime resident who spearheaded the successful campaign. Surrounded by front porches and quiet residential streets, this green square is now a lovely spot for a picnic with the kids or for one of our community gatherings.

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