Park Avenue Green

Park Avenue, between Westminster Rd. and Barrington St.

The Park Avenue Green is a mini-park on Park Avenue. It has a patio and several benches and is decorated yearly at Christmas. Situated at the edge of the bustling, heavily commercial area between Barrington and Somerton, the Park Avenue Green makes for a nice resting place after the restaurants, salons, and shopping. It is also right next to a stop for the RTS Route 1, which goes up and down Park.

The park is maintained by the Barrington Street Association, which holds annual spring clean-ups and planting parties in June. It also hosts the opening ceremony for the Park Avenue Holiday Open House and is the site of outdoor musical performances in the summer.

The vacant lot behind it is currently (2014) in the process of being redeveloped.

P1000685.JPG ParkGreen.JPG P1000686.JPG


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