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ADMIN NOTE: After further investigation and discussion it has been discovered that there is current litigation underway between Pittsford Optical and Sterling Optical. SeesClearlyNow is a poster from Sterling Optical (it's their tag line). Also some of the comments positive in nature to Pittsford Optical were done (and fully admitted to) by Pittsford Optical staff. These were a response to possible planted comments from Sterling Optical staff. All of the comments below have been discovered to be involved in this matter. We do not feel it is appropriate for it to be fought out on RocWiki and are locking these comments to avoid the two parties using RocWiki for this purpose.

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2009-11-19 15:45:01   This guy Sam Tadros is a fraud and a complete shyster. He ripped me off big time when he was running the Sterling Optical store on Monroe Ave I heard they kicked him out and good riddance. Here's what other people say about Sam Tadros:

innyabc at Citysearch

On 1/15/09 I was the last appointment at 6:30 pm for a "recheck" on my eye exam from 2/08. Sam Tadros spent approximately 10 minutes examining my eyes and said my prescription changed and I now needed progressive eye wear. Sam wrote up the order and briefly went through the original cost and after insurance (Spectera Vision Coverage) cost - no breakdown what insurance covered. I thought it seemed quite "high priced" and he referred to it as an investment for daily eyewear. He stated that they would send the order to their NY City lab the next day and it would be approximately 7days. Upon further consideration that evening and given the instability of my employment, I phoned this location at 8:30 am (hours 10 - 7pm), then again at 10am I and spoke directly with Sam Tadros and told him with my employment being at risk I wanted to cancel the order and perhaps use my existing frames to reduce the cost. He told me he thought "Jeff" had already sent the order to the lab. I asked that he contact the lab to let them know that I wanted to cancel the order. He said he would contact the lab and ask them to hold the order and that when I knew for sure if my employment status to let him know early the following week. I gave him my work number and asked if he could let me know that he made contact with the lab. After placing two more phone calls (spoke to Heather and Jeff leaving messages), I received no return phone call back. That same day 1/16, my husband went directly to the store and spoke with Sam seeking a credit for cancelling the original order. Sam pointed to a sign on the wall saying "no returns". My husband restated that the request was to cancel the order before the order was processed. There was no cancellation or return policy noted on the receipt. I have pursued legal council. On a positive note, Sterling Optical in Farmington who I formerly dealt with before moving closer within Rochester, was a wonderfully positive experience.


I would highly advise against this office of Sterling. The staff is cold, condescending, abrupt and downright rude. We have been customers since the office opened and have been unhappy for years but recently the service (or lack of it) has become more than we could bear. This is the only retail business I have visited in my lifetime where it is clear that there is absolutely ZERO value placed on customer service. I thought I would get somewhere when I phoned to speak to the owner, Sam Tadros. I left FOUR messages for him in three weeks time. NONE of the calls were returned. When I finally called back and got him on the phone, he was rude and cut me off continually and did not fix the problems. Worst of all , he didnt even apologize for not calling back or for the issues we have been having there. I dont think I was able to finish one sentence before he cut me off and spoke over me.

Anything that could have gone wrong ...has gone wrong for the past year. I phoned another office of Sterling and they stated this is not a very common set of complaints for them to hear about this office. We have transferred out to another Sterling office and wish we did it sooner.

Pros: None
Cons: Rude, Bad Service, Expensive, Tardy on Refills, Condescending or Aloof staff

2009-11-19 20:49:36   I agree with the previous comment. See my comment on the Sterling Optical page for my experience with Sam Tadros. —EastSideStephen

2010-01-01 01:00:51   This guy Sam Tadros was previously the franchise owner of sterling optical on Monroe. He was kicked out due to his poor performance and uncountable customer complaints. He now opened Pittsford Optical (with the old phone number). I can't believe this guy is still in business. See previous comments at [WWW]https://rocwiki.org/Sterling_Optical#preview

——this is the comment that I copied from Sterling optical—-
As of August 1, 2009, the Sterling Optical located in the Pittsford Colony Plaza on Monroe Ave. was re-acquired by the orginal franchise owners. Returning as office manager is Joanne Backus, NYS licensed optician, and as optometrist, Edward Davis, O.D.

Please call our new telephone number, 585-248-0086, with any questions or concerns.

Sam Tadros and his staff are no longer associated with Sterling Optical. In violation of a court order, the previous telephone number, 585-383-8320 still rings through to Mr. Tadros and his staff.

Please reach the Monroe Avenue Sterling Optical directly at 585-248-0086.

2010-02-16 13:52:51   I drive by this Pittsford Optical store on a daily basis, but have never heard anyone buying from them. I did a google search before I went to see if I could find anything about the company or the styles of frames they carry. I was pretty shocked to read all of the bad comments about them. I decided to visit anyway to see what they were all about. I have to say, these comments listed here are sad. I found the store clean, modern, inviting with a ton of fashion style frames available for me to try on. The staff was professional and super helpful. Heather helped me pick out at least ten frames that I loved. We went over my insurance and the total costs. I finally decided on buying two pair of eye glasses. They called me about five days later to inform me that my glasses were in. I picked them up that very day. I can not say enough out Pittsford Optical. They were amazing to work with. I have even taken my elderly mother back to get her a new pair of glasses too. I would recommend stopping by and make the decision for yourself. Sam Tadros (as stated in the other comments,) is not even part of this location. It's too bad. I loved my experience. —TammyArnold

2010-03-03 20:34:09   Sounds like Tammy arnold was one of the few who had a good experience. What kind of rating would that garner on the likes of lets say Ebay? —johnsmith1961

2010-03-04 14:43:58   I thought I would take a second to tell my story since the reviews for Pittsford Optical are so horrible.

Sounds like the Sterling Optical Store is trying to win some business by trying to sucker people into believing some stories that are not ture about Pittsford Optical.

I purchased my glasses from the new Pittsford Optical Store in January 2010. I originally went to Sterling Optical down the street because they take my insurance. After being greeted by a half class sales woman, I was then told a long, detailed story about Pittsford Optical. They had only bad things to say. So I decided to take a drive to Pittsford Optical to see for myself. After spending some time looking through their frames, I got talking with the gal behind the counter. I mentioned that I just came from Sterling Optical. She smiled and said, "Did you find anything you liked?" I explained my experience and how they went off on a tangent about how awful Pittsford Optical is. She thanked me for giving them a chance. She was never pushy. She helped me in selecting a few frames. I ended up buying a great updated frame and a new pair of lenses. I think they are called Transistions. They are the type that go from clear to sunglasses.

I'd rather get quality products at great prices vs. going into a chain store and having their trashy employees bad mouth another store. It shows no class. I just want to buy a pair of glasses.

Take a few extra minutes and walk into Pittsford Optical. You will be glad you did. I am a business owner too. Keep in mind that anyone can go online, create a user name and password and say anything they want to say. Did you notice that there are no names listed for the other complaints?? Do you notice they use names like "bigsmile" and "johnsmith"? That should tell you something. I think that the owners and employees from Sterling are going on this website and creating the reviews themselves.

Pittsford Optical gained my business. I am a very happy customer. —LouCox

2010-03-06 18:24:35   Its also possible the positive comments came from employees of Pittsford Optical? Seems odd that someone would go out of there way to bring up the drama between Sterling and Pittsford Optical, while leaving a positive review....Both times? Makes it seem quite fabricated actually.

The games people play. —johnsmith1961

2010-03-08 09:41:46   I notice that the 'person' posting under the name 'TammyArnold' has been banned from RocWiki for repeatedly vandalizing this page.

"2010-02-22 15:47:18 Tammy-you and your alter ego Mthompson have been banned due to repeat vandalization of the Pittsford Optical page. Any concerns over this can be directed to the RocWiki Googlegroup at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

Obviously the same person posting from the same IP Address.

I notice that when you call the number for Pittsford Optical you get a voice message that tells you what Sterling Optical's phone number is also. It must be true then about this court order thing about Sam Tadros stealing the other store's phone number.

I mean really... you call their phone number and you get a choice to call their competitor instead?

2010-03-08 19:41:07   I think you meant that tammy arnold was banned from vandalizing the sterling optical page? The answering machine gives out sterlings phone number cause they are obviously tired of answering the phone calls from people looking for sterling. You would probably get tired of it too.Guess they didnt think of that beforehand, much like many of the things they dont think of beforehand and the consequences that follow.

seesclearlynow...lol thats a hoot....Old saying...what goes around comes around, kind of like spectacles in a weird funny way. —johnsmith1961