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The Red Robin Comments Archive contains comments made prior to 2008 and was archived on July 26, 2009.

2006-11-22 20:33:10   Pretty good place to grab a burger. I had their Banzai Burger (a Hawaiian twist to the classic) and it was quite tasty. This place also serves unlimited french fries (a plus if you're very hungry). Service was very pleasant and the atmoshpere, while having a bit of a sports bar feeling, was quite relaxing. I regularly went to Red Robin when I was living in California and I'm glad to know that the food and service is pretty consistent. —CatherineConnolly

2006-11-23 11:07:47   We went opening day in Henrietta and we were very impressed - had French Onion Soup (melted cheese, crouton, even in the cup size), Mushroom Burger (with a gazillion mushrooms), and those fries are really great. Service was wonderful. —TomKaminski

2006-12-13 10:30:22   We just hit up the new location in Henrietta and had mixed feelings about the restaurant. Positive aspects were the good burgers with decent burger prices to boot, though I was underwhelmed by the fries. We felt a bit ripped off on the beverage (soda and milkshake) prices and the place felt crowded with the tables in very close proximity to one another. All-in-all the burgers were good, but I'm not so sure about the "gourmet" tagline. If you've ever had a chance to hit up a Ted's Montana Grill in another city, that is what a true gourmet burger place should be - both excellent food and atmosphere. —EllenKelsey

2006-12-20 15:14:28   You might want to wait before going to the Henrietta one. Nowhere near as good as the Webster location. We were seated near the kitchen, a high visibility area, and were ignored by almost everyone. They make a big deal about 'unlimited' fries, but you get less than 10 per basket, and they look at you like you're a disgusting fat slob if you request more (and then they give you even less). Overpriced for what it is. —JhirkFace

2006-12-20 15:54:08   We had the opposite experience from Jhirk...we were seated quickly and the server was terrific —PeteB

2007-01-06 21:24:38   Been to the Henrietta location twice so far... the first time there were a few mistakes made by the wait staff, but there was a genuine effort by our waiter to make up for it and there was a false fire alarm when we first showed up - second time service was OK. The burger was tasty, definitely had some pink in it, but felt as if it was missing something. Fries were pretty decent too, and I didn't have a problem when I asked for more. Overall, I would go again, but probably wouldn't make it my first choice for a burger. —RufoSanchez

2007-01-18 13:59:01   Seriously good burgers. I've been to Red Robin in Henrietta a number of times, and the food has always been good. Sometimes it's uncomfortably crowded, and if they seat you at their small tables, it feels like you're too close to your neighbors. They did make a big deal about the unlimited refill fries, but then they gave me more fries than I could finish on the first helping. —CedrickStanton

2007-01-28 20:29:19   Been to the Henrietta one a few times. Service is always excellent, and the food's pretty good for a chain restaurant. —MisterElkington

2007-02-07 12:57:00   Do yourself a favor. Go to Zebs. —JackPorcello

2007-03-17 22:41:21   Disgusting. If you want to be fat eat here. Nothing healthy on the menu. —CindyKin

2007-03-18 01:25:20   Silly rabbit. It's a burger joint. Who said anything about healthy? —WegmansFiend

2007-04-21 12:19:20   If you're looking for healthy, why were you in a restaurant that specializes in burgers and french fries? They do offer two vegetarian options for burger patties, as well as a whole menu section for salads. Compared among burger/french fries restaurants, you could do worse. —CedrickStanton

2007-05-27 19:20:07   I've been both to the Webster location (3 times) and the Henrietta location (once) and it's always been great. I agree with the positives and the negatives, the food is great but definitely not healthy. This place is always packed (bit it is still new to the Roch area) and from a commercial perspective and I think it will be a hug success. If you want a less commercial experience I say go to Zebb's too, but if you want something that tastes very good and are willing to spend $12 (after drink & a tip) per person, try it out. —TravisOwens

2007-10-09 16:35:38   I went to the Henrietta location over the winter, and I really liked their bottomless strawberry lemonade, I think I drank about three of them before I was on sugar overload! Our server was really friendly and helpful, stopping to chat with us even after we paid our bill. The burgers were okay, but overall, it was kind of expensive. —SaraChristine

2007-11-10 16:00:23   The food is very delicious, but is a bit overpriced for burgers. They have bottomless fries, but who can eat more than one serving of steak fries? I had a salad that was average, I'd stick to the burgers. Overall a good experience, good atmosphere and great service. —CatMagro