Rick's Tally Ho

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1555 East Henrietta Road, Rochester NY 14623 [Directions]
Hours (as of ?)
Monday-Saturday 12:00PM to 02:00AM
Sunday 4:00PM-02:00AM
585 424 6190

This strip club is located just north of the intersection of East Henrietta Road and Jefferson Road, and features... well, if you have to ask, you're probably not going to go there.


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2007-12-25 00:14:55   Small place, expensive liquor, high cover. —TravisOwens

2009-04-13 11:50:21   They do have a website - but I am not going to hot-link it (appropriate wording?) due to the pictures it brings up - rickstallyho dot com - for adult viewing only. —JackGreenky

2009-11-17 10:32:55   I've never been to the Rick's Tally Ho in the Buffalo area, so I don't know how the Rochester one compares. I can say that it's smaller than The Klassy Cat and Foxy's. Basically, the best way to describe Rick's is that you can make pretty much any fantasy come true...but you have to pay for it, God, do you have to pay. —bigred