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Rochester Young Professionals is a community group that organizes events with the goal of engaging young professionals in Rochester. RYP is led by its volunteer board members, who work to coordinate their own original events, as well as collaborate with and promote the events of other community organizations in Rochester. RYP works to help to improve the careers, social lives, and character of its members, while also supporting local businesses and nonprofits through exposure to its membership. RYP is a supporting member of ROC City Coalition and Rochester Made for Living.

With 5,000+ members, Rochester Young Professionals is the largest young professional group in Rochester. Membership is absolutely free with no commitment of any kind required, and you can [WWW]sign up on their website. The target demographic is age 18-39, but all are welcome to join.

RYP has [WWW]six divisions, each responsible for organizing its own particular type of events: Professional Development, Volunteering, Community Development, Social Events, Outdoor Recreation, and Sports.

The website features a frequently updated [WWW]Events Calendar, a [WWW]Photo Gallery with pictures from their events, and information on each of the [WWW]RYP Board Members. You can RSVP to their events on their [WWW]Facebook page, follow them on [WWW]Twitter, join their [WWW]LinkedIn Group, read their [WWW]blog on the D&C's young professionals page, or [WWW]join the RYP mailing list.


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