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2007-03-31 22:50:31   I've gone to the Webster location many times, pretty decent value. I've fallen in love with their salad with cajun chicken, spicy and healthy! —TravisOwens

2007-06-16 09:06:16   I continue to visit the Mt. Hope store as it's convenient for me and the food quality is very high, but I have found that customer service has become as bad as McDonald's. Subs are frequently missing requested toppings, and the staff seems to always be engaged in some discussion for which ringing-up a customer is a terrible distraction. Recently I had to yell to one of them to return because they forgot to include the cookie I had asked for seconds before paying — they were two steps toward away from the register after handing over my change and saying "thanks." This kind of rushed behavior is understandable when there's a line of customers, but it's insulting when there are only a few. —JasonOlshefsky