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1 College Circle, Geneseo, NY 14454 [Directions]
585 245 5211

The SUNY College at Geneseo is a 5,000-student college located in the small picturesque town of Geneseo near the intersection of Route 39, Route 63 and Route 20A. An otherwise quiet town in the Genesee Valley near Mount Morris, when school is in session, the town begins to bustle. SUNY Geneseo began as a teaching or "Normal" school back in the mid-1800s. In 1948 it became a member of the [WWW]State Univerity of New York, or SUNY, system. The school, one of thirteen universities in the [WWW]SUNY system, boasts 54 degree programs, its most popular and notable being education. The college's increasing selectivity allows it to be comparable to many fine private colleges and universities throught the nation.

A 35-minute drive from Henrietta, NY, the students tend to remain on campus and within the town's limits to occupy themselves in other ways. The college is home to nineteen [WWW]greek organizations, which compose most of the party scene for the campus. Although only 10-15% of the students boast Greek Life membership, a large majority of the students head out to the fraternties lining Court Street each weekend. The weekend, however, begins on Wednesday and lasts until Saturday, as with many other small college towns. This is a great advantage to the handful of bars and pizza joints on Main Street and a few others scattered about the town. Perhaps two bragging points some students gleefully announce to their visitors is The Inn Between (IB) made it into Playboy Magazine's top "places-to-be", or that Kelly's Saloon makes their drinks with 90% liquor, 5% ice and 5% pop. After a long night out on the town at fraternity parties and the area bars (Kelly's Saloon, The Idle Hour, "The Vital Spot"], The Statesman, Club 41, or the IB), most students head to Mama Mia's to wolf down a slice and a few glasses of water, so they can do it all again tomorrow night.

Students at SUNY Geneseo party hard and study hard, which lead it to be a great place to get an education, to socialize, and to remain as a selective school praised throughout New York State.

From a [WWW]November 18th Rochester Business Journal article:



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