Salads, Etc.


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Current Location
1900 Baytowne Plaza, Webster, NY 14580

Salads,Etc. is a deli-style restaurant in Webster that has a large selection of panini sandwiches, filling wraps, and delicious salads.

The original location closed in 2010, but reopened in a new building in 2014..


Salads Etc. was started by owner Bonnie Case who has 20 years in restaurant experience. Her idea was to offer quick, yet fresh salads, wraps and paninis using only quality ingredients.


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2007-04-17 13:52:12   Had lunch here today, at first felt a bit hesitant because the location is a converted house but it's fairly well renovated and colorful. The prices are fair but can add up quickly if you get lots of side items. I ordered the Jerk Chicken Wrap (grilled) and it was better than I expected, although it was more like more of a burrito than a panini. I would go back again and even order the same thing. —TravisOwens

2007-09-29 18:10:27   We stopped here today, but they must have moved, they are still on Empire but now in a new strip mall, not an old house (maybe the house was temporary?). Anyway, it was only just below average. The food (a salad and a panini) were ok, the place was a little dirty. Nothing real bad but we would not seek it out again. —DottieHoffmann

2007-12-05 11:45:45   One word...WOW! The food was great! They have panini's and wraps and salads. I got a salad and not only was it filling but it was delicious. The workers were great. I seemed to forget napkins when I went to my table and the girl behind the counter was already one step ahead of me to help me out. The decorations were adorable for christmas time as well. It was fairly priced and it was a great atmosphere. I suggest others definitely check it out because I know I'll be going back again! —SharronLeberwitz

2007-12-07 18:00:58   Today I went there for the first time and I would definetly go back! i had the grilled veggie and it was delicious. I didnt really find that they were overpriced considering the type of restaurant they were. The staff is very courteous and friendly, and the tables were very clean. I would recommend this to my friends. —LisaShodenhouzer

2007-12-10 18:05:30   I went to Salads Etc for dinner tonight and it was the most fantabulous dinner I have ever consumed. The food was incredible and the people were so friendly and super nice. The girls there were beautiful especially the reddish brown hair girl and the two strapping young men that worked there looked like they could be underwear models for Calvin Klein. The owner made her way out to our table to check on how we liked our meal and she was one of the nicest people I have ever met. Her bubbly personality was enought to put me in a good mood on my worst day. I will be eating lunch and dinner there everyday for the rest of my life!!!! —MikeRoch

2007-12-10 18:18:16   Gee Golly Salads Etc. was the cats meow. —AnitaWeiner

2007-12-10 19:32:22   Hmmm...3 out of the 4 people who gave this place a positive review come from the same IP. MikeRoch and AnitaWiener. (Didn't Bart page her at Moe's?!?!) They even registered 13 minutes apart. SharronLeberwitz was the other one. There are several other identifying traits of a fake reputation building campaign evident, I am keeping them quiet to avoid tipping my (our) hand. —BadFish

2014-10-31 14:25:33   They reopened in Baytowne plaza in the last week or two... —abraxas