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373 Park Avenue, Rochester NY 14607 [Directions]
Monday - Saturday: 9:00AM to 9:00PM
Sunday: Closed
585 473 1937

Schuber's is a friendly little liquor store on Park Avenue.

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2007-08-19 21:44:13   Schuber's is our favorite neighborhood liquor store, for such a tiny place the selection is amazing especially on the wine shelves upstairs. If you don't see something, ask and Greg will be happy to try to get it for you. His prices seem competitive with the "big guys" out in the suburbs. —DottieHoffmann

2007-11-26 15:08:46   I don't live here on Oxford anymore, but when I did, I used to walk here from my apartment. Prices weren't too bad and the owners are really friendly and have helpful recommendations. If parking on Park Ave wasn't such a pain, I would go here even though I don't live in the neighborhood anymore. It is though, so I usually go elsewhere. —SaraChristine

2007-12-08 22:07:24   Agreed with both the previous posts. The guys there are so sweet and helpful. I've asked them for recommendations on everything from rieslings to sake to tequila and they always have helpful suggestions on various options. They also have a much larger selection than you'd think. —AlixHamilton

2008-03-24 20:29:04   I've been coming to this liquor store for almost 15 years now. True, it's partially because it's in my neighborhood, but also because the staff is so nice! Even when I'm closer to another liquor store when I'm running errands, I'd rather wait to go there when I get closer to home. They are THAT great. —MelyssaLembke

2008-12-23 20:05:29   Quaint, friendly store at Park and Oxford. The prices are a bit more than what you'd see at Marketview Liquor or a big store like that, but the convenience and knowledgeable staff are worth the extra pennies. The owner has even stopped to say hi to me as I walk down Park — either I drink too much or they really are truly nice people. Or both. —JayUnnikrishnan

2014-08-22 09:15:13   I wish they wouldn't leave the empty boxes out front. It kind of ruins the charming streetscape. —EileenF

2014-08-22 20:39:30   I think they leave them out there so people can take them for moving and such, because people are always coming in asking for empty boxes.

2015-12-02 13:42:17   I love Shuber's! It's obviously a small neighborhood store, but I think it's great for what it is. —DE